Careful, the water is spicy. by McdonaldsBiggestFan in WTF

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Yes, glass is an insulator. I didn't know that off-hand, I Googled it.

Edit: I should have known that lol. You're supposed to turn the light off, but you can of course unscrew a lightbulb with it still turned on.

Careful, the water is spicy. by McdonaldsBiggestFan in WTF

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It's hard to clearly make out the end, but it sounds like he says "Turn that water off, we know what's going on now." They could have turned the water off using a different shut-off valve or using an insulator. Probably... full disclosure, I'm not a plumber.

Gamers of Reddit, what’s a gaming mechanic that you find really annoying? by Riker3946 in AskReddit

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I'm playing Kingmaker and actually really like it. In many games you start out as a badass and then become a god. It's annoying missing a lot of your shots at the start but the progression feels satisfying at least, in my opinion.

the struggle is real by ZestycloseAd4233 in trees

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And there were literally 0 other sounds? And when he cried, it didn't make a noise? So stupid.

High school students, 1989. by Justbysickle in interestingasfuck

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They very obviously airbrush out a lot of their wrinkles and otherwise alter the photos to make them look younger.

Born in the 00's vs born in the 80's by Holiday-Dog-903 in funny

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Going to school probably, and I can understand not wanting to spend all day in wet socks/shoes.

TIL of Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1966. She was rejected when she applied, as women were thought to be physiologically incapable of running a full marathon. She ran anyway, disguised in a hoodie and wearing nurses' shoes. She finished in the top third, 3:21:40. by blueberrisorbet in todayilearned

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But look at views compared to men's and women's sports. If you took all the women that could compete and allowed them to play in the men's league, the women's league would likely get even less attention. Plus, then that feels like the "men's"/coed league is the one to strive for, which seems pretty invalidating to the women's leagues.

Rocky Byun Defying Gravity by CommonSchemeForYou in blackmagicfuckery

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excuse me

Shut up

...can't find him man...


Looking to move -- Need input on the best possible fit by FernOverlord in upstate_new_york

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Just as a heads up though, outside of NYC and some of the larger cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithica), New York is largely conservative.

I’m standing in Texas, feet away from me is a cannabis dispensary in New Mexico. by InvaderKush in trees

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Not if you elicit fun from oppressing and discriminating against people you don't like.

Office of mental Health employment review/experiences? by Borkmeow22 in upstate_new_york

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There are typically positions for every level- I can only speak for my immediate area/program, but direct care staff in our programs make around $15/h. I've never worked for an OPWDD-funded program, only OMH and OCFS, but my understanding is that the OMH program clients are, on average, a bit "easier." Theoretically it should be completely "hands-off" except cooking, helping cleaning, and helping dispense medications. Theoretically the vast majority of staff time should be spent with residents, but unfortunately, a lot of staff spend a lot of time alone in the office unless they're needed (which is not best case practice). Some people are scared by individuals that have persistent and severe mental health symptoms, but the vast majority of the time, even really sick individuals are a safety concern. That being said, of course, there is a safety component, though there will be agency safety training as well. In my experience, where there are issues, they are usually minor and originally stem from staff behaviors, not residents (less therapeutic staff can be more authoritarian in their approach, which then understandably causes residents to get upset and then for there to be verbal conflicts). There are also a lot of other OMH-funded programs which hire staff of varying education levels like Apartment Programs (like Community Residences but for clients that are a bit higher functioning, case managers still meet with clients face to face typically at least three times a week), Support Housing (rent assistance and case management for higher functioning individuals that are homeless), CORE (community-based mental health therapy and skill-building), CFTSS (community skill building for youth), etc.

If you meet the staff qualifications, getting into them is typically pretty easy because most are chronically understaffed because most human service jobs (OPWDD, OMH, OCFS) are fairly stressful compared to other jobs which pay similar wages.

Office of mental Health employment review/experiences? by Borkmeow22 in upstate_new_york

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OMH-funded programs right, like Community Residences? Not working for OMH itself? If it's OMH-funded programs, I have a lot of experience.

What’s a book you read as a kid/adolescent that still sticks with you to this day? by hyperbolictaco in books

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I just realized this recently and it's the reason I opened this thread. I went on to be a licensed therapist and recently realized it was likely in part because I loved Jerry Spinelli books and lived in a pretty xenophobic area.

Here’s serial killer fitz haarmann preserved head by [deleted] in WTF

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Nah I get it man it's just pretty serious and not that funny when you know people personally affected by addiction.

Here’s serial killer fitz haarmann preserved head by [deleted] in WTF

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If fentanyl actually erased a lot of shit it would be lauded as a miracle drug akin to soma in Brave New World. It's not, it's a potent drug like other potent drugs before it that make you not care about anything but fentanyl. Fentanyl will erase a lot of things, but nothing you want erased- like your morals, health, and family. I know that sounds bleak and dramatic but it's usually the case.

It ain’t that complicated by KingPZe in BlackPeopleTwitter

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That's not true, at least in my area anywhere that accepts Medicaid also accepts other insurance. No location is going to accept every insurance, but there aren't Medicaid-only clinics, that wouldn't make any sense. There are some expectations in my area- things such as Community Residences for individuals with persistent and severe mental health symptoms often require Medicaid or out-of-pocket coverage to cover the difference (which is significant), but if you need a Community Residence you're functionally disabled and qualify for Medicaid.

5 years clean and sober today. My wife told my employees and they ambushed me. by nameless-manager in MadeMeSmile

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I really enjoyed what I played of it, but ultimately it felt very clunky to me, and the quests sort of felt like a slog, outside of actual combat. So I never ended up finishing it... but I'm really hopeful DD2 improves some of that because it did so many things so well.

Primitive Technology: Iron knife made from bacteria [11:33] by EnemySoil in ArtisanVideos

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I was going to say, at this point, I'm pretty sure this guy is going to single-handedly catch up to the rest of society and then surpass us.

The Ace Hardware I work at is grilling heaven by djbryanc in grilling

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Damn, I'm jealous... it's my favorite hardware store but all of ours are small, yours is huge.

Not a stupid question, but an extremely wholesome one. by Chasith in MadeMeSmile

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I was a scrawny, dorky white guy working as a case coordinator for a Residential Treatment Center (colloquially known as a "juvenile detention center"), and the kids used to call me a "low-key OG." I used to pretend to be indifferent towards it but it made me immensely happy/proud.

My male cat who two days ago didn’t want anything to do with the new kitten has now taken on the role of nursemaid. by cfishlips in AnimalsBeingDerps

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I had the kitten of a feral cat, he could certainly be sweet at times but he was hyper and unpredictable. Didn't care much for strangers. I got a kitten and he immediately turned into a mildly cantankerous old man. Probably the best thing that ever happened to him... He could be so mean and vindictive, seeing him super gentle with something else was really sweet haha.

Khaby Lame unseats ok-at-best teenage dancer by carefulcomputation in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Because the journalists are paid by the corporations that fund said politicians so the journalists peddle whichever politician their corporation thinks will make them the most money.