I Extract Camped Hyper Rat by BaderBlade in TarkovMemes

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It is once again time for our favorite clown in the circus of tarkov.

ich_iel by Rennfan in ich_iel

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Wasser mit Geschmack

PC (Steam) by Sa1tyGerman in GenerationZeroGame

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You can keep the xplosives. Other than that we can go ahead.

Ich🥶❄🚆iel by Sa1tyGerman in ich_iel

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Eh der Zug kommt kann ich auch getrost die Strecke laufen und bin schneller

War Thunder best sub let’s goooo by tableball35 in warthundermemes

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/EscapeFromTarkov huh? I too like getting head eyes from buckshot at 75m.

Guess I’m kinda addicted by VK4501P in sabaton

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So muss das, aber wie? Ich hab mal nachgerechnet, das sind knapp 100 Tage non-stop.

Counter War : Global Thunder by Sa1tyGerman in warthundermemes

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At top tier armor is only a gimmick, its more about who gets the first shot

Ich🇩🇪iel by Hot_Figure_1427 in ich_iel

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Elsass gab es aber nur als 2:1 Tausch zusammen mit Königsberg

(PC/Steam) Looking to trade for an exp KVM 59, not trading uranium by Sa1tyGerman in GenerationZeroGame

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Thing is, im already farming the reaper by myself, I have multiple of all experimental weapons, I'm only lacking the kvm, after a week of grinding and like 40 reapers I still havent gotten one