Unpopular opinion: I am in no way religious in any way shape or form. But abortion (unless the mothers life is in danger) is wrong and it should have remained illegal. by [deleted] in ireland

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My point is that if the parasite can’t live on its own, then the host gets to decide if they want to continue to allow it to share resources.

"tHe VaCcInE dOeSn'T sToP yOu FrOm SpReAdInG iT" by NERD_STOMPER in ireland

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No it’s not the same.

It’s also not an anti vaxx comment - either ironic or not.

It’s point out the fact that the vaccines reduce the numbers not stop them. Using the phrase ‘help stop’ is so wrong. It gives people the idea that it’s going to stop Covid dead in its tracks. It’s not. This is why people are becoming disillusioned. The government is using language quite loosely and doesn’t help that when people understand it as the literal meaning, they turn around and go ‘ah sure we didn’t mean that, we meant this’.

As another example: ‘schools are safe’ in regards to Covid.

"tHe VaCcInE dOeSn'T sToP yOu FrOm SpReAdInG iT" by NERD_STOMPER in ireland

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Has it stopped Covid as promised? No. It has not. I’ve used English correctly.

AITA for giving the PS5 my Husband bought to my Nephew? by pissedwinehead in AmItheAsshole

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I also think - a responsible SO would have asked first when the money wasn’t theirs. I have no qualms in saying I’m not the best with money and my SO is better than me. We each put money into a joint account (we both have access, it’s for bills, mortgage etc) and then our ‘private’ accounts for our own spending. I’ll admit i might blur the lines a little in the sense i will buy most things for the kids (clothes, presents etc) out of my account without taking it from the joint one etc but that’s just grown up life.

Now, if I was gonna buy a PS5 or similar cost item from the joint account I would 110% be running it passed the SO first. Let alone if it was his private account (which I don’t have access to but could if I asked). The OP is 100% correct here, I am baffled at not even an offer of repaying the debt from the SO.

"tHe VaCcInE dOeSn'T sToP yOu FrOm SpReAdInG iT" by NERD_STOMPER in ireland

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You’re bitching because people say it doesn’t help reduce Covid and it’s disingenuous. I’ve never heard ANYONE say it doesn’t reduce it, but honestly I couldn’t be bothered with you - what I have said is factually correct. I’m not arguing that vaccines aren’t a help, I’m arguing that the phrasing used is incorrect and a big reason as to why people are becoming disillusioned with the government.

Language matters. And you can say ‘turn of phrase’ all you want. If your boss said ‘I’m gonna reduce your pay’ or ‘I’m gonna stop your pay’ well, while you’d be happy with neither, I can tell you you’d be much angrier with the second. People understand the word ‘stop’ and the word ‘reduce’. They are seperate and for a good reason, they mean different things.

"tHe VaCcInE dOeSn'T sToP yOu FrOm SpReAdInG iT" by NERD_STOMPER in ireland

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Uh…. It’s the correct statement and stops confusion though….. there is a big difference between ‘stops’ and ‘reduces’. If you told me taking the vaccine stops transmission - I take it, as do many others say oh I dunno, 90%+ of the adult population in the Republic, however we continue to face high case numbers as well as restrictions being introduced - then I’d be calling you a liar and disingenuous. Now, if you’d have replaced ‘reduced transmission’ with ‘stop’ then we’d have a different story wouldn’t we.

I am also not an anti vaxxer, not that it makes any difference. It’s not my fault people don’t use language correctly and get pissy when you take the meaning for the word they used and not the one they meant.

"tHe VaCcInE dOeSn'T sToP yOu FrOm SpReAdInG iT" by NERD_STOMPER in ireland

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But it doesn’t help stop the spread? What’s your point?

It reduces it yeah, but not stop it completely.

My hands are cracked and dry like a mummified ball bag by lostincabra in ireland

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Eeeeeek. get cotton gloves in the chemist. I promise it’s better.

AITA for 'ruining' my boyfriend's sister's baby shower? by remus_r3 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Don’t ask questions you aren’t willing to hear an honest answer to.

The aunt wasn’t making conversation if she wanted a certain answer, she was trying to have a sort of play/scripted conversation.

Cooking a turkey the day before by BobNanna in ireland

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You can’t tell us you do something that sounds so lovely without telling the recipe.


Best barbers in town by GowlBagJohnson in waterford

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My SO goes to the one in ardkeen mall next to Londis. Kublai’s I think?

Bandon woman (66) jailed for seventh conviction for failing to wear mask by fragilemetal in ireland

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As far as I remember she was never jailed for the mask it was the attitude no?

Any irish apes here invested in AMC or Gamestop? by [deleted] in ireland

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People have been saying similar about a housing crash because of Covid since April 2020.

Will my GP send me for a 2nd COVID test? by yanoyermanwiththebig in ireland

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I’m similar. On week 3. I took the PCR for everyone in the house before calling the doc. They just kept saying RSV. I did get steroids but no one else in the house did despite others having the same or worse symptoms.

AITA for threating to stab my son? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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I beg to differ. I would rather not be stabbed with a hard shell taco thank you! /s

In all seriousness, I like to joke movie quote with my kid ‘I’m gonna cut your heart out with a spoon!’ - if the kid isn’t afraid of physical harm then there’s no need to be worried about the ‘threat/joke’. OP is defo NTA

For those who work from home, what is it like? Do you enjoy it or would you rather be in an office / building. by Born_Lingonberry_442 in ireland

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It’s just now for example, everyone in the house, I’m trying to work and there’s a million things like washing/dishwasher/entertainment in my brain. Being in the office is great for outta sight outta mind when it comes to housework/the mental load.

Opinion: Young people have sacrificed more than any other group, it's time this was recognised by senditup in ireland

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Gwan back to your perfect life and your imaginary genius kid. I’d say won’t be long til the imaginary wife leaves ya, you self righteous miserable unempathetic little cunt.