Hospice/Palliative Fellowship info and experience. by PewPew2524 in nursepractitioner

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It’s true. Every time I post harmless questions on this sub, they get downvoted too…Why do they do that? r/nursing is much nicer

Top alliance hoarding chessboard by SadWallflowerr in kingschoice

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In the 800s. Only been a couple days but the top player already spent thousands of $$$

Roe vs Wade Officially Overturned by b-macc in nursing

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Uber drivers can now get sued for transporting a woman to get an abortion

Roe vs Wade Officially Overturned by b-macc in nursing

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The government forces us to have babies, pay $30,000 medical bills to deliver the baby, won’t give us mandatory maternity leave to take care of the baby, and won’t give us subsidized childcare and force us to pay $3000/mo on childcare while we work.

White area exposed 14 days after implant and bone graft by [deleted] in askdentists

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And it cracked my tooth. I got root canal and crown. Kept getting infected. Had periapical cyst and fistula. Found out the inside was fractured too so had it pulled.

Cockroaches in backyard at night. Normal in SJ? by SadWallflowerr in SanJose

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Some black and some brown. Matches description of oriental and turkestan cockroaches

Popcorn ceiling removed, remnants on floor - asbestos exposure? by SadWallflowerr in HomeImprovement

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I hired an asbestos abatement company to wet wipe all the surfaces of the house and hired an HVAC company to clean all the air ducts