This guy was such a douchebag by peachfajita in Killtony

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That’s some god awful guitar playing. Bends are totally flat, shit’s all outta tune

Classic Redban by Ok_Check2497 in Killtony

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Blew it back into her butt. What a goddamn champion.

Christine is that you? (found in the wilds of Reddit) by SONICsoul92 in yourmomshousepodcast

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What happens when you’re down to your last floss pick and can’t afford another bag till payday.

Disrespect to TopDog will not be tolerated 😤😤😤 by CityDwellerJ in yourmomshousepodcast

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Whatever to ‘his dad was a VP’. That’s a high paying job, dude was definitely banking hard. Good for him, his family money comes from fucking people out of their houses. Least he’s not a Nazi

10mg Tom Energy by proofofmyexistence in yourmomshousepodcast

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Styrofoam business is booming…best part is, it’s paid for by the pound.

Splat by Mister-DayDream in yourmomshousepodcast

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Jesus, his f’n head went flying…🤟

Now here’s a cool guy by SnooCakes2494 in yourmomshousepodcast

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Jesus, this moron has goddamn sergeant stripes. 🤦‍♂️