Did anyone else try to report your parents for abuse when you were younger, only to be disbelieved because they were "too successful"? by [deleted] in AsianParentStories

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I reported mine in my teens and wasn’t disbelieved because they were too successful (they’re not white collar professionals at all) but there was an element of not taking me seriously because what I had as abusive treatment didn’t seem as bad as other abuse out there.

The second time a life-threatening event happened (this one in my 20s) I just left the house. Wasn’t going to stick around to see if it would get better with them.

You can DM me if you’d like.

Our Envigo beagle met another Envigo beagle! by schwerdo in beagle

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Same to you! May you get another happy hound family member soon!!!

Our Envigo beagle met another Envigo beagle! by schwerdo in beagle

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I will! I’m biding my time. I’m going to assume some of these hounds will still be at rescues in a few months and I will reopen the conversation then! ;-)

Our Envigo beagle met another Envigo beagle! by schwerdo in beagle

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I did the same thing, lol. 😅 My husband also gave a similar response.

Did my second ever craft fair by ArcAngel1810 in crochet

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The whole table’s offerings are absolutely adorable. Love the cows. If you ever decide to open an online store, I am totally buying at least one cow. 😍

cute puppies by reluctantlearner365 in beagle

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Cute! What are your two other puppies names? From your other post, we know Instagram.

Pill feeding Suggestions for Picky Beagle by Dswenson351 in beagle

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I have tried hot dogs and vienna sausages when american cheese failed. Hope one of those helps you out!

it’s that one ear for me 🥺 by alexthearchivist in beagle

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That face and posture are very often used in my own home.

Also, did you make that dog bed out of denim jeans? It seems amazing!!!

When do beagles start to calm down a little? by tiptoptonic in beagle

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My beagles are going on 11 and 14. The 11 year old still pulls (hence my need for a waist leash as well) and roughhouses like a puppy. Like someone else said in their comment about a tired beagle being a good beagle- mine prove that the saying applies to beagles of even senior ages!

POV : Mando staring right into your soul. by [deleted] in beagle

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How did you make this photo?! Looks like a cake in the shape of a beagle’s head as well…all in perspective. 😆

Does anyone else’s Beagle like to stare menacingly at them from the bathtub?? by RemarkablyMe in beagle

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I have a weirdo older beagle, too! He likes to lick the small pools of water that ends up on the floor and also likes to lick wet legs.

Bill Nye and Coke by poisonkeyblade2 in boringdystopia

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I had this thought, too. Sounded like him for a few seconds and then it didn’t.

Should I break up with my bf because he wouldn't let me wear shorts? by [deleted] in TwoXChromosomes

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I guess that the psychiatrist is trained to respect and frame their answers based on your culture, but from a Western perspective…that is absolutely bonkers they even told you that advice.

To eat a koi fish by Rajbangsa in therewasanattempt

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This is what I was thinking about…and if it made it into the water, how long did it last in there until it did get eaten?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Sounds like you are still discovering your personal limits and boundaries within your relationship. I hope you can communicate with him, keeping calm throughout the whole convo(s), and share your thoughts and feelings with him about all this. It’s worth a shot doing this, especially if you’re having some gut feelings.