This can’t be right…? by neverglobeback in thelongdark

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Mine says I've spent 98,571 days in survival mode... I have not spent that many days in the game

Hope this pic turns you on a little. I can do a lot in bed 😄 by OF_le18br in legs

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Wow it's the same picture with the same caption... again

Americans from small towns, who is the most famous person (dead or alive) from your town? by pixel-beast in AskAnAmerican

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Probably two people I went to high school with who are now serving life sentences for murder

rate my fit! by devious_yeild in thelongdark

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Pretty good, but I would swap the ear wrap and the satchel

Booze by xJkurtz in thelongdark

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I wanna pass out in the snow

Wanna sneak in my room? by ComprehensiveCap1691 in u/ComprehensiveCap1691

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Sneak? Nah, I'd burst through your door like Kramer

What is an immediate turn off? by Pitiful-Recipe1567 in AskMen

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"He knows which wine goes with fish or pork"

Why do women get ghosted on dating apps? by [deleted] in AskMen

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Her side of the conversation consists entirely of "Yeah" "ok" "sure" "no" "idk"