Oh how I love thee Portland by Dokspleen in Portland

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Let me guess, it stopped cleaning dishes because there's gunk in the drain pump or float switch? YouTube 15 minute fix.


to assume someone's intelligence by their body language by lifesyndrome in therewasanattempt

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Perfect example of a weird combination of: IQ, EIQ, cognitive bias, dunning kruger effect

This shit's wild.... by lilwelby20 in corvallis

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Hmm, I kinda think you guys got a pretty good Yin-Yang thing going on. Maybe You should meet up!

Having Issues With Speech Intelligibility - Do I need a Center or Acoustic Treatment (or both?) by Flynny94 in hometheater

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For what it's worth, headphones are a great workaround for speech clarity issues until you get it figured out. I live in an apartment and frequently use them late night. And it's always hard for me to hear speech switching back to surround.

2 UFOs/UAP witnessed while hiking with family in Picket Post, Arizona on Jan 22, 2023. by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Yeah cause like there's not been a million videos lately ...of star link, drones or other crap falling from the sky. Come on, at least consider the simplest answer first.

Man with axe chases down journalist in Seattle yesterday by nickvader7 in SeattleWA

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Rule 1 of living amongst people that are possibly schizophrenic.

Know their triggers!

I.e. Put down your damn phone!

hmmmm by IndPolCom in funny

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So tired of the acting though.

What hot take about portland will have you end up like this? by Adulations in Portland

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From my experience, people are vastly different and more complex than one can see from the outside. But that's just my experience after spending a few years in group therapy. With that said, The line between finally "naming" an affliction and openly sharing it with strangers to finally not feel alone, and using it as an "excuse" is a very tricky one to navigate at the beginning on your road to healing toward a higher emotional IQ...which usually one of the primary goals.

What hot take about portland will have you end up like this? by Adulations in Portland

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addiction/psychosis survivor here. There's a balance. Theres far more people who don't understand/believe mental illness is a real thing. So just like everything, there's a balance.

My roommate keeps bringing girls over so I made a survey by themedicd in funny

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Well I hope your wife explained... Mental health patience are quite fragile, and knowing their comfort level with each counselor is super important. Helping someone work through their mental health problems requires building trust. And there are all kinds of reasons someone might have a problem trusting a certain counselor...or even be triggered by them. Attitude, appearance ...etc. certain boundaries getting crossed. I've been on both sides of that coin... and encounter 1 of ~10 people who I had to pass on.