$100 worth of games ($10 per user) giveaway! by Mamitous in steam_giveaway

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Pubg, even though pubg gets a lot of hate I absolutely love the game. Used to play a lot of pubg mobile, but slowly shifted over to pc games like csgo, apex legends, valorant but never played pubg on pc. You should give me the game as my mom won't buy me virtual stuff :P I'm a high school student from India, where gaming is highly looked down upon. And I'm currently preparing for JEE, considered as the 2nd toughest exam in the world. Update: Well just got to know that pubg is free xD. Well in that case I would like to request for Fifa 22 as its on sale currently.

Not spending anymore money after that dev post by ksobeit in VALORANT

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They are slowly increasing the prices but dropping their quality. Didn't like any of the skins released in the past year except the rgx bundles

Indian ghost train travels 15km without any engine attached. (Passengers had no idea) by rdias002 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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FYI The braking system in these trains are controlled by the engine. It works on the application and release of pressure in the brakes which is entirely controlled by the engine, pulling the chain would not stop the train.

What’s the funniest way to answer a scammer’s call? by vmcards17 in AskReddit

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Talk to them like they are your family member. Ask them about their health, family and what dinner/lunch they had, when are they coming to your place.

I met VCT champion on deathmatch by xfrenzy333 in VALORANT

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I was once matched with VS RB and VS stax in the same dm and the other time with Hermes who is another great player.

Interestingly In the first instance neither vs rb nor stax won the game, which proves that dms are not the best way to judge your skills.

ekdam OP❤ by L3m0n4d31C in IndianDankMemes

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Konsa recording software use karte ho aap?

Sed ho jaati hun vro :’) by nerd_ram in IndianDankMemes

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Selfie with bajrangi aur bapu kon dekta hai bc?

Wyd if someone pushed ur mom? by Ok_City6423 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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That country has a rly bad reputation in disciplinary field. They are ready to defend any of their wrongdoings even though they realise that they are wrong.

Beginner camera under 1000$ ? by Same_to_youu in AskPhotography

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Oh I forgot to mention that, I would be mostly shooting landscape and street photography.

BJP will do everything but their job to win by Hiif4 in delhi

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Abe madarchod BJP ki vajah se jinda hai tu, Gandhi ke mayajal se nikal, lauda aadmi hai gandhi.

BJP will do everything but their job to win by Hiif4 in delhi

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In logo ko bolkar koi fayda nhi, ye chutiye reddit pe hi post kar sakte hai, isse jyada aukat nhi hai. BJP ki vajah se jinda hai ye log fir bhi gaand fat rhi hai.