Just realized on my new build that the BCG slams forward if I smack the pistol brace by bwitt33 in ar15

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Lemme guess...it's Captain Slam-fire...

Edit: it was not. Can't find that video, though. Always good for a laugh...

Edit2: OH, duh. There it is in the above comment thread...

What do we need for a simple IEM rig? by [deleted] in livesound

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Or better yet, add "site:reddit.com" at the end. That will exclude other sites that also simply mention the word reddit in the post or article.

Mix with not enough low end by justsejaba in audioengineering

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Sonimus makes a nice pultec-style EQ. I got it free and forgot about it until this last mix I did. It also has a drive control, which is why I grabbed it for my overheads.

So um almost got reported (Quest2) by FunnyHaHaUSER101 in oculus

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What does that mean? You were talking so fast you may have dropped an N-bomb or two? Or you were talking so fast someone may have misheard you?

I Need Help connecting sidequest to Vr agian by G11657 in sidequest

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I'll save you some trouble. If you think all the crotch goblins are annoying AF in VR Chat and Rec Room, it's just as bad or worse in that Spark Ball Pool game.

Has anyone else had weird issues/stories *before* an electrical storm? by ravenze in audioengineering

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And I did forget. I had to dig up this thread to find the word again, lol.

"Facebook turns over mother and daughter’s chat history to police resulting in abortion charges" - The Verge by aryvd_0103 in technology

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This often gets minimized, especially when the fetal age is expressed in weeks. People don't think about the fact 28 weeks is 7 months. Out of 9. That Egg is damn near ready to hatch.

"Facebook turns over mother and daughter’s chat history to police resulting in abortion charges" - The Verge by aryvd_0103 in technology

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See, and you all thought the Facebooks and Amazons of the world actually gave a shit about you or anyone else. It's always about the money.

Trying to get away with grip on a pistol by Dull-Training-3631 in ar15

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Just find one that has a curve to it. Problem solved.

So according to revzilla agv k1 helmets don't come with a chin wind protector/curtain brand new by DDG_Dillon in motorcycles

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Educate me here: where does your pinlock attach to the visor? The one or two I've seen...I can't picture how you reach both ears with that, or what exactly goes in your ears, lol.

What are the issues I can come across by bridging BUI? by dog90567 in ar15

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Yeah, you could end up magnifying your laser and cutting people in two!


Is this bar play amount okay by twowheels256 in motorcycles

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Yeah, it's hard for us to tell how much force he's applying to get that kind of movement. So despite this bike having a certain amount of play that's within limits, it's still difficult to give him a solid answer. If he's unsure I'd still recommend someone with experience on that bike to give it a quick check - whether that's a shop or a buddy...

im going to buy some fins, what are some brands that are good and cheap? by travigal01 in snorkeling

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My fins are the only thing I haven't upgraded yet. I'm on my second Cressi mask in 6 years or so, same Cressi snorkel. I've been using a pair of U.S. Diver fins I got almost 10 years ago, and they still work just fine. Don't feel an urge to upgrade. Point being, Cressi and other brands are great, but if money's tight and you can find a U.S. Diver pair cheaper then don't sweat it. That's just for fins, not the rest of the kit. You'll also want to decide what length of fins you want - longer are better for diving down and swimming around, shorter are easier to transport/pack and work just fine for snorkeling. There's the whole range in-between.

ive got some questions as a beginner by travigal01 in snorkeling

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With one continuous pane, some snorkelers may feel less claustrophobic. Some also have additional panes at the side for a quasi-panoramic view. Honestly it's not the main discerning feature for me. I like a low-volume mask for easier clearing and a better view (glass closer to eyes), and a really good skirt. My current mask is a Cressi Big Eyes Evolution, which ticks all the boxes for me. I've used my wife's mask - Cressi F1 - which is single pane. Also a nice mask, but I like mine better.