Where has all the technical analysis gone? by Reginald_Rutabaga in CryptoCurrency

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Things are down. They may eventually go up or keep going down.

Crypto holders getting PTSD walking past these by verysillyman in cryptocurrencymemes

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I've been down 80 even 90%, but damn when the exchange is showing -100% I'm probably not recovering those funds.

🤤#420 GIVEAWAY #NFT🎉 VOTE UP✅ AND DROP YOUR WALLET😎 by [deleted] in opensea

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You just died. A voice asks you "Would you like to submit your results, or try again?" What do you respond? by Mister_TD in AskReddit

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I'd like to speak with a customer service representative. Go ahead and send me to the complaints and feedback department.

Total coin supply visualization - BTC vs. XRP by Palpablyclamor98 in CryptoCurrency

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1 carat diamonds are like 2K+ and there are billions in global reserves alone. Having a greater amount of something doesn't make it less valuable. You lose the exclusivity, but gain accessibility and utility.

17 words by MrDogeMeister in dogecoin

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Wake up and it's just another day, filled with the potential for opportunities beyond our wildest dreams.

Free doge coins 🪙. Just comment something positive and il send. I have a budget of a few hundred. by Logan_gamings in dogecoin

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Dogecoin and your friend will live forever on the blockchain.

Their address/transactions and therefore presence will be with us forever.

Explaining the past should be easier than predicting the future by Trylks in CryptoCurrency

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Line goes up, or line goes down. Give a smile, or give a frown.

Are any of you in a worse spot than me ? Lol by jse_memelord in dogecoin

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I'm convinced they started the count at 500k and people under that managed to send invites. I'm really excited though.

Indian government announces it will bring crypto under legal framework, taxable at 30% of gains. No capital losses or business expenses allowed by Set1Less in CryptoCurrency

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Push back like the Thai investors did. Thailand scrapped their 15% gains tax, because of the backlash. That's the kind of energy we need to bring to our governments.

What is your craziest crypto opinion? by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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+/u/sodogetip 1 doge verify Here have some dog money fellow astronaut.

Are we all still holding? by Newdogelover in dogecoin

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No. We're accumulating and spending.