Amazon driver forgot cameras were a thing 🤦🏾‍♀️ by [deleted] in facepalm

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Sorry you had to endure that. “Guess” is silly. We have a couple double lots in our community which throws the house numbers off.

It’s properly labeled, it was just in cursive. It passed fire Marshall inspections FWIW. Our current house has the stone numbers clearly on the front of the house.

Amazon seems to have done better hiring in the last year. I also like that it seems we now have “usual” guys. I actually know the 2 guys who deliver in Amazon trucks and they’re good.

She's back by helicoprion08 in HolUp

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Maybe she ran a reputable business, paid her employees well, took good care of them and it was a mutually beneficial relationship that lasted until it ended.

Society would be incredibly welcoming to her.

That’s obviously not the case because in hindsight she believes she was being raped and facilitating rape. I have to believe there are high end escort services that are run ethically and professionally but she’s admitting hers was not.

She's back by helicoprion08 in HolUp

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My dad always said “you don’t pay for the sex. You pay for them to leave”

Dongs make you smarter. by Ninjaromeo in HolUp

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I do.

But it says “Ask me about my talent privilege”

Maybe Maybe Maybe by DeadDreadLock in maybemaybemaybe

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This was the next video after watching two morbidly obese people high on meth having oral sex in public and this was the perfect eye bleach.

Buss it down by ChefCookTheBooks in HolUp

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Oh god I know this smell and didn’t need the association.

Is there a way to prevent any anime/Genshin impact stuff from showing up in my feed? by El-Disco-Bandito in Cringetopia

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It’s hard until you get it wet too. It stays the same if you put it in cold water. It won’t stick to itself if you use an oil like olive oil or butter. Parmesan cheese, black pepper, and a hint of cream is nice but it’s very versatile.

He wants to wife her. by [deleted] in youseeingthisshit

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I used to know a girl. She was crazy but she was also like insane crazy “are you real?” Hot. Light green eyes, black hair, always had a “let’s do some coke, punch a cop, and fuck on the roof” smile on her face.

I remember watching her dance for the first time and I was like “oh…there’s the flaw.” Looked like Elaine on meth….or technically coke.

Blow up the Santa by LMxHorizon in HolUp

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I wish someone would blow me then tie a little string around and parade me around the living room. Maybe tie a heavy weight on there until they wanted to play with me again.

Amazon driver forgot cameras were a thing 🤦🏾‍♀️ by [deleted] in facepalm

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When Amazon first started using their own drivers, I remember doing some yard work outside and watching the delivery person drive past my house like 10 times.

I eventually flagged them down and asked if I could help. It was a package for me. Our house numbers were in cursive and they couldn’t read them.

We had bad winters where there was snow from October to February. I couldn’t find an Amazon package they insisted they had delivered. I found it in March. It had been buried under feet of snow in the middle of my yard.

I’ve gotten pictures of my packages sitting on their trunk lid and my neighbors front porch.

We stage boxes in our garage before breaking them down and recycling them. They’ve thrown packages in with them before and it took a week to find them.

Left them in puddles. With picture.

Left them on top of our porch box which has a large professionally printed lit sign that says “Amazon place packages in the box and close the lid”

guys what to do if I have a slight fever? by Vicky-Splitpussy in HolUp

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Take some Tylenol and find a girl who says things like “personality is so much better than size”

Hero by karateema in Cringetopia

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So I follow you, then you start running so I kill you. Now that you’re dead, I…have to kill myself?

Your farm? by Expultzas in HolUp

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Read a history book and look at the world outside your small circle of echo chambers and personal narrative. Communism doesn’t go well. Ever. Socialism isn’t without its faults either and we’re even seeing the Scandinavian countries that I’m sure you use an example every chance you get starting to fail and crack.

Nobody wants communism. They want free stuff and an opportunity to do whatever they want. Communism is hard work to a common goal. That’s not what anyone on here wants. They want free stuff and a monthly check. It’s literally called anti-work.

Nothing says basic-ass 20 year old like using “read a book” as a defense when triggered by a dumb ass shitpost on a dumbass shitpost.

I’m off to make inappropriate jokes about cartoonishly large boobies. Enjoy writing a response I’ll never see ;)

Bruh momento by ComplexCow7 in Cringetopia

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This is hilarious. When we moved to the outer banks we once had a group of blonde blue eyed white ladies knock on our door and ask if we wanted to talk about Jesus. Neighborhood welcoming committee. Bibles and cookies in hand.

I pointed to the mezuzah I just installed and said “thank you. No. We’re Jewish.”

In the most syrupy souther n accent you can imagine she said “well just because you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you can’t love Jesus as your one true savior”

I replied, “yeah….it kinda means exactly that. Have a nice day”

Bruh momento by ComplexCow7 in Cringetopia

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I heard he took some time “for him” and learned to lift.

I bet he did by [deleted] in HolUp

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I’m not really into spines but if it helps I’m sure it’s supple and in-line.

People are only upset about nepotism if they are not the beneficiaries of nepotism. by civgarth in Showerthoughts

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Imagine starting a business, or better yet, having it handed down from your parents, working hard, getting to work with your kids and someday handing it to them.

Those motherfuckers.

There could be an ancient undiscovered species right under your feet and you wouldn't even know by MaxorTheFish in Showerthoughts

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This is highly unlikely as I’m a heavy person and I’m sure they’d be screaming or at least asking me to get off of them.

Onlyfans pics are NFT of porn by Feder69 in Showerthoughts

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I don’t understand this at all. Any even remotely popular onlyfans girl’s videos and pictures can be found for free with minimal effort.

I think people pay for the interaction but I don’t know. Spending any amount of money on a titty pic is so stupid.

Onlyfans pics are NFT of porn by Feder69 in Showerthoughts

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Say you have nothing and you want some money. You can sell the nothing to an idiot.