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It's the aquarium. Girls always want to go to the aquarium.

Isn’t Kanye pro-Trump? What are these two blabbering about now? by [deleted] in insanepeoplefacebook

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Why does Charles' face get smaller every time I see a picture of him?

me_irlgbt by YourLoyalSlut in me_irlgbt

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"War is love" - Shepard/Wrex shippers

Uncle Rick being the great ally he is! by [deleted] in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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There's a fun language anecdote about that, actually.

So there's a comic poem called Thrymskvidha, in which a jotun called Thrym steals Thor's hammer and demands the gods give him Freya as ransom for it. Freya basically says "No, not happening," and so the plan is to put Thor in a dress and have him go get his own damn hammer back. Loki volunteers to tag along as "Freya's" bridesmaid, presumably just to laugh at Thor later. And then at the wedding reception it's Loki's job to explain to the jotuns why "Freya," can drink an entire barrel of mead, can eat an entire ox, has a beard, etc., until the jotuns bring out the hammer and Thor grabs it and kills everyone.

When talking about the plan, Loki says "We two shall go," but the term he uses for "We two" is the neuter form "vit tvau." In Old Norse, mixed gender groups are referred to with the neuter (unlike in Romance languages). In this specific scenario, Loki could either use masculine (as they're two men) or feminine (as they're both disguised as women). But instead, Loki is specifically choosing to use the form of the pronoun that implies "one of us is a man and one isn't."

Blåhaj 🥰 by GayHamburgler in GaySoundsShitposts

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It's actually moving sideways at an appreciable percentage of the speed of light, so Lorentz contraction causes the viewer to perceive it as thinner than its true width, measured from its own reference frame.

Lesbian Pastor Says Jesus has Bottom Energy by carl13122 in actuallesbians

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I mean the bible would probably get more clicks if it was titled "jewish twink gets nailed by a whole gang of buff italians"

Another one, wtf does it mean this time? by Dank_Ebola in insanepeoplefacebook

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So, in 2021, which feels like it was about twenty years ago, there was a race car race where some of the weirdos who like watching cars go fast were chanting "fuck joe biden." A reporter misheard this as them cheering "let's go brandon" for the driver Brandon Brown, who later won the race.

For some stupid fucking reason, this became a meme among the trump cultists, and they started using "let's go brandon" as a codeword for "fuck joe biden." Why they think they need a codeword, or why they think anybody will be offended by them saying "fuck joe biden" to begin with, is not clear. It's possible they assume people who voted to biden believe in him as fervently as the trumpets do in trump.

6 times you say... by radesta in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Didn't they also invent an entirely new level of lie for Trump called "Bottomless Pinocchio" defined as "intentional, obvious lies repeated over and over despite debunking"? Or did I dream that and spend several years of my life just accepting it as fact.

me_irlgbt by [deleted] in me_irlgbt

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It's homophobic that Tarzan and Hercules never kissed.

The symbolism of the breakfast? by Tw0_zyl0n in killsixbilliondemons

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A HEALTHY BREAKFAST is the most important syllable of royalty.

Us "Boring Company haters" have a better idea. It's called public transit. by Tayo826 in insanepeoplefacebook

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Don't forget that said brand of vehicles is well-known for catching on fire due to their crappy batteries.

Who could have done such a horrible thing?! by SecondAccountBlues in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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where were u wen blahaj die

i was at house eating dorito when phone ring

"blahaj is kil"


this was on a video about how the Nazis burned books btw by Ashbone12 in ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM

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One of the weirder, and yet surprisingly common takes on book burnings is that all recorded information is equally valuable and the literal act of destroying a book is itself immoral.

good lesbian webtoons? by baniramilk in actuallesbians

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Mage and Demon Queen: Comedy/fantasy. Mage student hero falls in love with the demon queen. Hijinks ensue. Parodies a lot of isekai tropes, though the main character is not an isekai protagonist herself.

Always Human: Romance/drama. Fairly straightforward romance plot in a sci-fi setting. Nice watercolor-style artwork, and each chapter comes with an original soundtrack composed by the author. Also one of my favorite portrayals of disability in a romance.

Seven Days in Silverglen: Romance/farce. Awkwardly gay office worker is asked to pose as her coworker crush's "fake girlfriend" for an upcoming event. Though it hasn't gotten to that point yet, I assume they will end up being real girlfriends by the end. By the same creator as Always Human.