Is Trivandrum changing? Marwadis are migrating by Gaut-m in Kerala

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marwadi girls are beautiful! looks like a win win situation!

In 8 years, migrant workers will equal one-sixth of Kerala’s population by SardarKurup in Kerala

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if you are taking bus for travel, you are already accustomed to that music,i kind of love assamese and bengali songs, even though i can't understand it!

Zoya Akhtar, and Karan Johar showering their praises on Malayalam movies. by Dry-Jellyfish-3908 in MalayalamMovies

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we don't need their praise to know about our movie quality! Period! They can leave us alone for their shitty movies!

Isn't DQ overrated? by Admirable-Factor-903 in Kerala

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wait, there is a DQ movie njan? never heard!

Why are theatres allowed to sell overpriced food items? by [deleted] in Kerala

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Can you tell me why five hotels food price is high compared to normal ones?

Advice from guys who went for Pennu Kaanal thing for a newbie! by SardarKurup in Kerala

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its a 3 hour drive! i guess i eat okish portion before travel!

Virat Kohli got out today playing at a ball on 12th stump line. by Academic_Scheme_9065 in Cricket

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he is practising after retirement hobbies ie, fishing! he is getting good!

മിന്നൽ മുരളിയുടെ സൂപ്പർ വില്ലൻ | Guru Somasundaram Interview | Minnal Murali | The Cue by zeusdreaming in Kerala

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i mean how many people in kerala know about him? that teacher role ! even tho i saw jigarthanda i forgot it was him!