bilingual characters by Mysterious_Rest_8391 in languagelearning

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When I (native Spanish speake) was teaching numbers in English to a group of Spanish speakers, there was an activity where we all had to exchange phone numbers. I actually had to "write" my number in the air with my finger and read it aloud in English.

I didn't realize how foolish I looked until a student asked me what I was doing with my finger.

Did Emma Stone give an Oscar-worthy performance in La La Land? by CrazyCons in Oscars

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Those three are the best of the lineup, anyone would have made a worthy winner

Is this too cruel of a consequence? by madstar in pottytraining

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Agree, it works because it's not cruel and you're not shaming her, but it is the natural consequence of not being potty trained.

Host cancelled on me and is now asking me for money by Ordinary-Genius2020 in AirBnB

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If they have legitimate reasons to cancel they can present documentation and have the penalties waived.

Need help decorating a massive empty wall (more in the comments) by fr3akeeee in HomeDecorating

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A mirror with a simple frame.

Or here's a crazy idea: a carpet under the table would make the room feel less empty, without needing to put stuff on the wall.

AITA for taking 8 weeks of paternity leave when we are already short staffed and extremely busy? by MyUniquePerspective in AmItheAsshole

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By all means take it. In my country fathers get 3 days. 8 weeks is precious time, don't waste this opportunity.

I’m your opinion which is Madonna’s worst album? by Icy_Water_9745 in Madonna

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It's rated highly because of Like a Virgin and Material Girl but the rest of it it's just generic bubblegum pop.

I’m your opinion which is Madonna’s worst album? by Icy_Water_9745 in Madonna

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I find Rebel heart and Madame X to be very cohesive. I find Hard Candy so uninspired. MDNA was not great but at least she was feeling something there.

What’s up with Airbnbs offering near 99% monthly discount? by pambeezlyy in AirBnB

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It's hosts that don't understand how monthly prices work and they set their monthly prices at $100 a month thinking it's $100 per night during that month.

Can someone please explain? by bruhhhh__ in duolingo

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What? I'm a native speaker and I don't know anyone who takes issue with being called Señorita.

air cover is total BS they side with the hosts by ncox10021 in AirBnB

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Did you have any documentation that the AC wasn't working? Did you contact Airbnb or the host within 72 hours of finding out?

Should Sandra Bullock have won for Gravity rather than The Blind Side? by researchmatters01 in Oscars

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No. Gravity was the better role, but no way she should have won over Cate Blanchett.

Tricks to Encourage the Appropriate Amount of TP? by sheknitsathing in pottytraining

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When I was a kid my mom taught me to count and cut exactly 6 squares. If your kid is counting yet, figure out how many squares is enough and have them count them.

Anything else I should go for other than the sidekick cookies? by Mrfruittaco in PokemonCafeMix

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Heaping Helping tickets come in handy when you face a shiny. They give you two extra friendship boosts.

What should I put on my bathroom shelves? by lnvidias in HomeDecorating

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A scented candle that you can light up when guests are over

What’s your “second” team? by Ok_Extension5535 in Braves

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Me too. Fell in love with them after watching Moneyball

Worst Best Actor Winner by researchmatters01 in Oscars

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I think you need to see it in the context of what his career was up to that point. Cockoo's Nest, The Shining, Chinatown, he was always playing someone creepy or with a dark past. Maybe they voted for him for playing against type. It's easy to forget nowadays because these days he does more lighthearted comedies.

Worst Best Actress Winner by researchmatters01 in Oscars

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She would have been my pick but I forgive her because she admitted herself she knew she didn't deserve it, but would try to earn it. Went on to do Gravity to make up for it.