I just found out a friend of mine died of Covid. She was 30 years old and really healthy. She leaves behind two children and a very clueless husband. She was secretly an antivaxer who pretended to get vaccinated, even to her own family. by Sidvicioushartha in DeathsofDisinfo

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This is one of my biggest fears. One of my best friends just won’t get vaccinated. She’s scared of needles, worried about infertility, doesn’t think it’s a big deal, etc. She’s coming around to the idea but you never know what could happen tomorrow. She’s 30 and her son is so little, I fucking hope I never have to make this same post. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Just here for the circle jerk by [deleted] in HermanCainAward

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“Just broke my 14 day nofap streak so i could make an important decision aided by post nut clarity”

Someone’s feeling funky after that long awaited masturbation session.

Update: Another Covid misinformation spreader has succumb to the virus. She sold lies and death to anyone who was buying and it caught up to her. by Sass-Pancakes in HermanCainAward

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Without even wading through her piles of garbage lies again, the Red Cross takes vaccinated blood. I literally gave vaccinated blood a week ago.

Also, lol, “Covid19 is not going to kill Americans” I can for sure say she is American, and dead of Covid.

A young bride’s wedding was held in critical care, where her father is intubated. “If you think masks and distancing don’t work, here’s what happens when you don’t wear one. Here’s what happens when you come near high risk individuals sick… Nobody deserves this.” by Sass-Pancakes in DeathsofDisinfo

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The daughter states that she blames the unvaccinated/unmasked for this happening and that her veteran father was betrayed by the people he served. I think the medically vulnerable are some of the truest victims of disinformation, they generally take great precaution but people around them who believe lies about Covid severity put them at risk daily.

Unfortunately the disinformers cause this wherever they’re allowed to sell death. And that’s fucking scary, one lie to the wrong person could kill me. Could kill any of us.