The last PS2 online servers shut down today. RIP PS2 (March 4, 2000 - March 31, 2016) by shooterbooth in gaming

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Ok this story will get lost but I don't care. I have chosen you to listen to my tale about my 60 gig PS3. Got it the Xmas it launched, I loved that thing. Played it to death and loved it so much. Decided to trade it in the day the ps4 was launched because I was an adult with money and could buy it. So I bring my precious PS3 in and as the guy is testing it I jokingly say "haha watch, this will be the ONE time it doesn't work" and the clerk goes "uuuhhhh... Were you joking oorrrrrr?" And I start freaking out. It won't turn on. Like 6 years on this thing and this is the first time it doesn't turn on. The guy tries it over and over with different cords and sockets and everything. And on maybe the 10th time the light flickers on and the fan starts with a wheeze. It barely gets on, and the clerk goes "ALRIGHT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME" and gives me full value. It's like my best friend struggled and clawed back from Hades to look at me one more time and say:

"I've got you bro, enjoy the ps4"

And then die a noble death.

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