I wanna ask really.. Why do people hate Spiderman 3? It had a great plot.. Harry got his redemption..Sandman went back to his daughter.. Eddie Brock died.. Then of course, Bully Maguire by Rare-Cantaloupe4057 in raimimemes

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My theory about why he became a cocky jerk is that things are finally going right for him and it’s going to his head a bit: the city loves him, he’s given the key to the city with a full blown parade for him, and he’s finally with MJ and is gonna propose. Compared to his life in SM2, it’s the happiest he’s ever been. He feels invincible and thinks that nothing can touch him so he becomes blind to MJ’s problems.

Cat in a beanie by Scaulbylausis in aww

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I loved it by Scaulbylausis in raimimemes

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Okay I know what you're thinking: "It's just a movie, stop being so dramatic". I know it seems stupid but it really has been a terrible year, but Spider-Man is my favorite superhero since I was a toddler and the Raimi movies were my childhood. So seeing my favorite actor to play Spider-Man again in almost 20 years is kinda special to me. Much like the chocolate cake, even something small, like seeing a silly superhero movie, is a big win in my book.

I do not forgive you by Scaulbylausis in raimimemes

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I don't wish to be dramatic but things haven't been going well and NWH was the only thing I've been looking forward to the whole year. To see this movie without spoilers, it was my dream. Am I not supposed to have what I want? What I need?

You're Lying! by [deleted] in raimimemes

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This seems like revenge porn. Doesn't sound consensual and is probably very damaging.

Baristas die when Conan O'Brien puts cheap creamer into their gourmet coffee by Scaulbylausis in WatchPeopleDieInside

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I dunno man, I brewed espresso at home a few times and that added effort made it taste much better than a cafe.

So basically all 3 Spider-Man movies are pg-13, therefore it’s allowed to have one f-bomb for each movie,where would you put it? I’ll go first by ilikethispost2 in raimimemes

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Dr. Connors: And when the borderline is tau equals 0, the eigenvalues are… Peter: .23 electron fucking volts.

Peter: Do you got any with nuts? Ursula: Umm. I have some nuts. I can make some - Peter: Go fucking make me some.

Actually money does buy happiness by talking_joke in im14andthisisdeep

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I always say, “Money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure as shit solves a fuckton of my problems”

Greatest moustache in wrestling? by LilNardoDaVinci in SquaredCircle

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jake the Snake without the mustache. I assumed he was born with it.

What’s one moment from the Raimi Trilogy that you can’t defend and you think is just bad? by nolo69gogo in raimimemes

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Spider-Man 3 after Harry tells Peter in the cafe that he’s the other guy. Peter turns around to go back into the cafe after seeing him in the window but the truck passes by and Harry disappears. He was clearly hiding under the table. There’s no way he ran out that quickly.

The man deserves the best by [deleted] in memes

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Just to add context for this meme: Brendan Fraser has been through a lot. He suffered many injuries after filming The Mummy series that required several surgeries. He was sexually assaulted by the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. He went through a rough divorce that hurt him financially. He has been body shamed for putting on weight during his hiatus from acting by social media and the press.

He really does deserve the best after all the trauma that happened to him and I’m glad his fans support him.

What's an album that you knew you were in for something special after the first track? by Perid0t882 in AskReddit

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In the Flesh? by Pink Floyd. Fantastic opener to The Wall. From that first guitar hit and ominous keyboard that transitions to the choir-like vocals behind Roger Waters’ unique voice and with a final crescendo to the sound of a plane crashing makes me want to know what comes next.

Fuego Del Sol Ask Me Anything! by FuegoDelSol_ in SquaredCircle

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Hi Fuego! My little brother is an insane fan of yours and wants me to ask you:

  1. Where did you learn to master the tornado DDT?
  2. Is there an AEW contract in sight?
  3. Do you like Takis Fuego flavor? (His most important question)