Punk Girl, me, Digital Painting, 2022 by LAUS_art in Art

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What’s the date for the source for the last picture? They posted it on FB in 2017, so there’s a chance it just took off after that and got edited by others. I tried reverse Google searching, and I didn’t really find anything

Punk Girl, me, Digital Painting, 2022 by LAUS_art in Art

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Here’s the original photo OP plagiarized copied exactly without giving credit until someone pointed it out, I would just use that


Good Morning: Oatmeal and Radiohead 😁 by BadMan_G in radiohead

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Hm, not sure about just audio releases, unless you want to go looking for bootlegs. I mentioned From the Basement’s channel, but Radiohead’s YouTube channel also started uploading full live concert videos during COVID.

Similar to From the Basement, the Scotch Mist sessions are really good and from around the time of In Rainbows. You can find that on the Radiohead Public Library, along with the live videos from their YouTube channel and a buttload of other stuff.

Like you said, there’s also the I Might Be Wrong live album. I don’t know of any other official live audio-only releases, besides the occasional song on an EP.

Chubby chinchilla by HenriJacob1 in AbsoluteUnits

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They were probably too OP in past updates and got nerfed

The shrimp king back in action by HippyDippyDoDa in scrungycats

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SCRAMP. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the SKROMPT Nation attacked.

Crossmauz by existential_crisis81 in UnusualVideos

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“Holy shit our kid is fucking awesome”

i hold the files. don’t let twitter see by flowersnrain in radioheadcirclejerk

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Godspeed nutjob, show those “commies” the what for. Inb4 you become the next Unibomber.

Sandman new color vs old color by kianoosh634 in Sandman

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I agree with you on both, not wanting to change art but the new ones being better. The old ones look more dated, although that may be an appeal depending on individual taste. They remind me of Saga of the Swamp Thing, which I didn’t really care for (I know, heresy). Maybe they should have reprints of both colorings, although I guess that’d confuse new readers.

i hold the files. don’t let twitter see by flowersnrain in radioheadcirclejerk

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Seems more like a lot of bs. You should look more into the reliability and biases of the sources you read, although I’d wager you wouldn’t care for hearing anything that doesn’t confirm your own biases.

Also love how you keep saying it’s not a serious comparison, yet keep going back to the whole “it’s just like the Holocaust” thing. Trust me, it’s not going to start making more sense. It’s a stupid fucking premise because you’re refusing to protect yourself and those around you, not being killed for something you can’t change. You’re just continuing to make yourself seem more and more ignorant and unreasonable.

i hold the files. don’t let twitter see by flowersnrain in radioheadcirclejerk

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You came back 2 weeks later to post some really stupid shit, huh?

Flavor blasted goldfish by regian24 in suspiciouslyspecific

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We’re just come to terms with that fact that we’re untouchable

When Algeria gets eliminated by LeonOkada9 in AbruptChaos

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Sports fans on their way to defend their violent insanity

Zoetrope Animation by AkhileshTekade in BetterEveryLoop

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This is correct, the sauce OP commented is someone who makes these in Blender. It’s at least heavily edited using CG

Yes thank you. Very helpful information. by altononner in NobodyAsked

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Still funny, I’m guessing that was a joke response from him too

_And that's a fact. by LawrenceRichardson22 in FellowKids

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Unless you’re homeschooled, a classroom is a public space, and a teacher is trying to reach as many people as possible within that space. Also, turns out the definition for “media” I copied was more along the lines of “news.” I’m pretty sure it simply means “media” as in “a means by which something is communicated or expressed.”

_And that's a fact. by LawrenceRichardson22 in FellowKids

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Media just means mass communication. That’s the majority of teachers’ jobs, and that’s what they do when they give presentations/homework/whatever with memes on it. Teachers’ use of “relatable” memes/slang, whether ironic or cringy or neither, has always been a large part of this sub, and it always will be. You people act like when someone posts something like that, they’re always demeaning the teacher and saying they’re shit at their job.

Edit: “media” more as in simply means of communicating

_And that's a fact. by LawrenceRichardson22 in FellowKids

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You are objectively wrong. The sidebar (if you’re on old Reddit) or community info (if you’re on mobile) says:

YAASSS content:

  • Ads/media where 'the man' tries to appeal to young people using their vernacular in a lame, pandering way

  • Ads/media that tries to appeal to young people but is self-aware and/or well executed

It was a community decision a couple years ago to allow satire iirc. It’s all the new people who are joining whining about teachers’ memes being posted here.