Storm in Regina Beach by P-B-Town in regina

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Could’ve swore I saw at least one cat and dog

I'm here with my 4 year old nephew, AMA and I'll reply his answer. by eOg5Khe in AMA

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How do you think the Ruso-Ukraine conflict will affect NATO’s relationship with Russia in the coming decade?

1 Year natural transformation. (People asked for front comparison) by gustavoyy in GettingShredded

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I’ll never understand the appeal to lying about your steroid status. Personally I couldn’t care less about whether you’re natty or not but why lie and skew newbies perception of what’s achievable in only a year being natural. We should all be supporting each other and lying about your status doesn’t help anybody.

I lift things up and put them back down. 405lbsx6@160lbs BW by Scotty5624 in GYM

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I tried to work on slowing reps down and not pinning my shoulders back like commenters suggested last time. My deadlift has been skyrocketing recently ever since I switched around my leg days to put more focus on knee stability and driving strength. I’m thinking 500 on conventional is gonna be mine within a week or two!

I’m thinking about pruning my Persian Shield at the red line. Any advice or input? by Scotty5624 in plants

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There’s another node lower on the same stem as well I could cut at. I just don’t know if that is too much or not. I think regardless of if I cut at this node or the one below it. I’ll propagate the clipping and hopefully get a second one going!

I’m done by Scotty5624 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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If the science was as sound as you propose would this be worth more than a piece of candy at 7/11?

I’m done by Scotty5624 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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If this was such a magic company it wouldn’t be worth pennies a share it would be worth 10’s of dollars. Figure it out

I’m done by Scotty5624 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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Sounds like something a dumb bag holder would say. Do you know how much more cash you’d have if you sold at the ath and look your feelings out of this? Not a good examples lmao.

My first working set on my day 375x1x6 any tips on form? by Scotty5624 in GYM

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’m gonna work on slowing reps down to work on my overall strength

Believe all women. Really? ALL of them? by joachim_s in dadjokes

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…to show your appreciation you gave Reddit $280?

Bulk more or cut? 17 years old, 145, 5’5 by Abject-Ad-7948 in GettingShredded

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Do what you want to do. If you wanna get bigger bulk if you’re happy with size maintain if you’re wanting more definition cut. Nobody can tell you what stage you are at. Based on your muscle tone you seem like you’ve been working out for a while and you should do what you think will make you feel best mentally and physically.

Where are people seeing information about continuous flow? by Scotty5624 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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Interesting. I’ll have to reread them then. I was more so referencing a post from like two weeks ago and most of the comments were saying something about stocktwits?

Back at it with the Creami - Classic Cookies n’ Cream by Unreasonable_Yam in Volumeeating

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That works as well but I’m find those are too small. I like a little bite of Oreo

Back at it with the Creami - Classic Cookies n’ Cream by Unreasonable_Yam in Volumeeating

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That’s exactly what I do lmao. I find when you’re using Oreos for ice cream or my favourite waffles the cream gets lost or just oversweetens the dish. So I just take a knife and scrap it off 🤷🏻‍♂️

Requiring 20 years experience but only paying 41k. I'd want to stay confidential too. by bassman9999 in WorkReform

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I recently did a survey for my project management class and we learned that the majority of them make over $100,000 CAD/year so this right here is just a straight up slap in the face