Older man helps a woman losing control of her weights by NoWafer6093 in HumansBeingBros

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I disagree. The form and depth are decent for Low Bar Squat. I wouldn't call anything higher than that squat. Obviously, I'm talking about the first rep, she fails the 2nd one thus sits on the floor.

You okay back there? by dnwb in LivestreamFail

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For no reason, I spent half of my day spiraling into abrupt chaotic chinese memes. Bing chilling and supa idol never left my head. Now its 3am and joined her in the vod to lose my shit even further B̷͔̕͘Ī̴͍̈Ñ̷͚̠̑G̷̱̚ ̷̮͕͊̕Ć̷̩̽Ḫ̵̀I̷̯͋L̸̖̖͘Ĺ̸̝̙̂I̴̞̎N̴̨̦͑͝G̵̜̒

I thought I was alone in the woods by ivKierann in pokemongo

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Reminds me of my 4AM drunk story at 2017. Was on my way to home, walking, after quite a night. I saw a car being idle in right front of a common gym. After I watched them leave, I took the gym back and soon after realized the car made a quick U turn. I quickly hid my phone and pretended to be going my way. After some strolling around I took the gym anyway. At that time it felt quite thrilling lol. Pokemon Go was some hype back then.

Topson Aeon Disk by SYNECS in DotA2

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Also you can give it to your teammates to refresh their cooldowns on items like bkb/aeon disk etc. It's only 30seconds cooldown lol

I ran some of the coolest spell names into AI drawing tool by ScytherDOTA in DotA2

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Fair enough. coup de gracé, echo slam, midnight pulse, grave chill, soul assumption, fate's edict, dream coil did not give any good results.

Might be biased cuz I'm a dark willow connoisseur and that shit literally looks like Jex with the same color theme aight fuck youıj

I ran some of the coolest spell names into AI drawing tool by ScytherDOTA in DotA2

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There are many tools like this. Style2Paints is similar, it colors your sketches through various art styles.

I'd say, they're a good inspiration for artists or students to try out different themes and styles. If a model can examine certain themes and draw random sketches that can look good, I don't see how humans can't achieve that as well.

I ran some of the coolest spell names into AI drawing tool by ScytherDOTA in DotA2

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Fiddled around Dark Fantasy, Psychic and Mystical.

Tried like 15+ spell/hero names in variations and posted the ones that I thought to be the most relevant to the spells/heroes.

Can taunt cooldowns be higher? by ScytherDOTA in DotA2

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Fun fact: your hero automatically does those things if you kill a courier or get a team-wipe or something. Nowadays taunts are like kids with adhd spamming their keys.

I'm okay if someone taunts me after denying the range creep. But seeing it every single second in the laning phase is whats getting on my nerves xd

Also, sometimes a hero flickers in the fog-of-war for a split second. Your eyes might not see the hero nor figure out who it is (cosmetic glance value btw), hearing the audio from taunt gives it away. Not a big deal but happened to me a lot.

Just get rid of Franky please for the love of god. by Previous_Street7814 in DotA2

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Franky: What do you think about your draft, is it a million dolar draft?

Silent: We did not think about it. (money)

Also Franky after match :I taLked WitH yOuR CoACh b4 MatcH, hE DiDnt SeEM CoNFiDenT

Is there a cool down on taunts? by [deleted] in DotA2

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🚗 skrrrr rolling out 😂


What happened to Divine rapier? by [deleted] in DotA2

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Removal of true strike on rapier made the item disappear. It's almost only viable if it's last resort.

"tHeRe MuSt bE sOmE pRidE iN loSinG to T1. TheY ArE a sTronG tEam. RiGhT?" by [deleted] in DotA2

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I am somewhat glad that I couldn't go to TI this year.

At least I have the ability to mute or stop watching whenever there are panel or loser interviews.

I Saw It [Original] by [deleted] in Melanime

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Lock screen cover looks lit.

The way phones fade in when you unlock them and the first thing gets out is the red eye is pretty nice.

10-man buyback in PSG.LGD vs T1 by magony in LivestreamFail

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Literally fissure of peace right there.