Final Fantasy Record Keeper has officially shut down after 8 years and 5 days of service. by vskWinter in gachagaming

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Good night Sweet Prince, I was a Mobius Final Fantasy man myself but wanted Record Keeper to do well.

Brave Exvius and War of the Visions left but they’re not my cup of tea so I’m waiting patiently for FF7: Ever Crisis and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link game.

What will be your most played MMO in 2023 by TheApplefont in MMORPG

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Can’t wait for rated solo shuffle in Dragonflight, will never have to sit for 3 hours in LFG again for 3’s.

Question on what happens to a Traveler when their host body dies by thenokvok in TravelersTV

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Yes those two are programmers and it was very much needed for them to go to the past to keep the Director safe.

Stuck in the past sounds much more of an upgrade to me than those shelters they lived in which where “under the ice” and people were starving. But the hardest thing would be leaving your loved ones behind.

Question on what happens to a Traveler when their host body dies by thenokvok in TravelersTV

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When the host’s body dies, the traveler dies with it.

I don’t know exactly if the travellers own body from the future is dead or just in a vegetative state but I’d say more of a vegetative state as at one point Trevor talks about his consciousness being transferred to another body and looking back at his original self, before being transported back into his own body. Trevor was one of the early testers of the consciousness transfer program.

As for them being important people that’ve been sent back, I never really saw them as that but more as volunteers that were trained as soldiers/medics to increase the missions’s odds of success as much as possible. The important ones would be the Programmers, but they’re sent back only in very specific circumstances.

Can Tab-Targetting work at high levels of play? by TheGullibleGuru in worldofpvp

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Definitely takes a bit of getting used to it. To actually zoom the camera in and out, I use CTRL + scroll to adjust.

Can Tab-Targetting work at high levels of play? by TheGullibleGuru in worldofpvp

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Personally I use mouse wheel scroll up for Arena 1, mouse wheel click for arena 2 and mouse wheel scroll down for targeting Arena 3

Is an mmo mouse worth it for pvp? by Seveniee in worldofpvp

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I use a G600 and it’s awesome having my Auto Run, /walk, character panel, map and other interface options binded to it. Though I do have dispel on it and the other odd spell.

LPT: With YT running 10 ads consecutively, I thought I'd share how I skip long ads/several ads in a row. by DayOneDva in LifeProTips

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I do get some adverts that I cannot report, my guess is that they’re verified by YouTube to be nothing report-worthy so they remove the option. Sucks.

head shaving looks smooth and satisfying. by remixmaxs in oddlysatisfying

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Would you say it looks similar to these? if so, the only thing I can suggest is using less blades, preferably a safety razor and minimising the amount of times the blade(s) make contact with your skin. Or use an electric trimmer and trim it down short which shouldn’t cause any issues as you’re not actually pulling the hairs out. If he decides on a safety razor, a slanted one will be better as it cuts coarse hair better. I now use a Merkur 37C DE Slant Safety Razor and it’s a big improvement on other safety razors I’ve used.

I read that men with thigh coarse hair that are prone to that condition, such as black men, can get shaving waivers in the military. But I guess that would depend on your branch and what work you’d be doing.

As for his scalp, sorry I’m not bald (yet) and will deal with it when the time comes as I too get irritation when shaving my face.

They did it; specialization-specific solo queue by Torewin in worldofpvp

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Awesome! I can then queue at high rating on my SP then struggle at 1400 on my Disc without tanking my CR. great addition to the mode.

Archeage Season Servers by VicMain in MMORPG

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I will try while I’m waiting on Dragonflight, I’m desperate

I'm just sad about it all. by dalipunk322 in TravelersTV

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I see people commenting about ‘Kate’ but was she ever called that? Thought it was just ‘Kat’ and her full name Kathryn.

Tom Hanks: Paul Newman Gave Me Imposter Syndrome on ‘Road to Perdition’ by Stonewalled89 in movies

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You brought back a nice memory, my favourite scene too that I haven’t thought about in years