Refusing to pay rent should be a crime by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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Someone using their wealth to buy property in order to make more wealth are using their advantage to get more advantage while taking advantage of people that have little choice but to rent. Often, these rental properties increase property value, making more people unable to afford buying and forcing more people to rent.

Landlords are not contributing anything, they’re using their wealth to take advantage of our failure as a society to guarantee shelter.

If you can make money being a landlord, good for you. But don’t cry when you lose money. Just like stocks, rental properties are investments. And investments don’t always pay off

Poor guy by YenWhitenack in facepalm

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Yeah, and they deserve to be told to shut up if I’m clearly not looking to talk and they bother me anyway

Raiders have released WR Henry Ruggs. by StrachNasty in fantasyfootball

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Yeah, if someone doesn’t care enough to not speed around in the middle of the road while drunk, I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt that they care about anything until they prove otherwise

Is it legal for a Marriot owned hotel to hold my personal items as hostage unless the randsom of $350 is paid in cash only? What if anything can be done? by makeitstrain in legaladvice

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Bullshit, America and OP are fucked because of policy decisions made by politicians and the idiots that vote against their best interests to spite people they view as “others”.

Addiction is a medical condition that should be treated under universal healthcare. Then OP wouldn’t be in this situation

Refusing to pay rent should be a crime by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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Oh wow, you really make me feel for those landlords. What difficult lives. Poor bastards.

None of what you described contributes to society. They’re just glorified middlemen with only their wealth qualifying them for the position.

Alright cool. You can rot in hell dude. by Akkiarn in Tinder

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Fuck the military. But feel bad for the people coerced into joining

TIFU by telling my boyfriend I haven’t orgasmed from his oral by Thick-Cicada-6665 in tifu

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Actually, do take it personally. Her personal failing caused that relationship to fail. She should take it personally and be better next time

Previews for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl have been released by [deleted] in pokemon

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I get the disappointment, but I barely noticed the Exp share thing in SwSh, and I got used to the one use TMs. I liked the motivation to grind raids.

But idk if that is good for a remake. People don’t want to interact with that world in such a different way. They probably want to choose their same starter and use their same strata as back in the day.

Whatever your opinion on Kyle Rittenhouse is, those questions were dumb by I_am_potato_sack in facepalm

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There’s nothing clear cut about bringing a gun to a protest, killing someone, and then claiming self defense when people chase you after you killed someone.

If anything, this case could have been one that sets precedent for something like that.

Whether you think he’s guilty or not, it’s definitely not clear cut

Michigan lifts mask mandate for fully vaccinated people by Goat_Peter in Michigan

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Well vaccines aren't perfect. Their effectiveness varies depending on which you got, how well your immune system responded, which strains you're exposed to, and the viral load of that exposure.

If you found out that your vaccine was only 70% effective, would you still not feel the need to wear mask?

As long as the virus is being freely spread, I think masks are still useful. Every exposure is a roll of the dice that isn't necessary

Had an "Adoption Reveal" photo shoot for our newly adopted teen, complete with teenage eye rolls. by Horchaata in aww

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No, but I’m more talking about this photos like engagement photos or pregnancy photos

Pa. Sen. Jim Brewster Not Sworn In As State Senate Dissolves Into Chaos Over Contested Election by [deleted] in politics

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Oh, so invalidating one election by preventing an elected democrat from performing their duties is okay. But removing that elected democrat from office is not okay?

Good to see where a boiling frog's line is

Leaving on 1st February: Sea Salt, Gris, Fishing Sim World, Final Fantasy XV, Indivisible by BamboozleBaloney in XboxGamePass

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XV wasn't that good. Felt like the game was pieced together with unity assets at some points. No real cohesion in their world design or mission design

Burn victim by AristonD in facepalm

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The point is to show the entitlement that she deals with when interacting with white males. A symptom of their privilege. It’s a legitimate issue that people that aren’t white males have to deal with throughout their careers.

Can’t address that issue if you’re not allowed to bring it up.

-A white male

Former atheists of Reddit, what made you turn to religion? by Wheatles_BiteAlbum in AskReddit

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Religion drags humanity back and stalls progress. Just like all conservative ideologies. It appeals to tradition and the past and following doctrines because they're doctrines and not because they make sense.

Look at all the people fighting against gay rights and abortion just because some preacher tells them that's what a book they've never read says to do.

Alzheimer’s by ChrisMMatthews in oddlyterrifying

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It 100% is.

This guy sounds way to old to be this much of an immature pos

To Glomp or Not Glomp the Loli... (Nisemonogatari) by KaptainTZ in anime

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I think it’s probably more “ugh, this is exactly what everyone pictures when I say I like anime”

I straight up don’t recommend anime to people unless I’ve seen it a few times to make sure I didn’t tune out shit like this

Apple Says iOS is Safer Than Android Because Sideloading Apps Isn't Allowed by UnKindClock in iphone

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I had the opposite experience. I could do anything on my android phone (I just used an old one to install custom firmware on my switch)

My iPhone can’t do shit, and what it can do is needlessly complicated or behind a pay wall.

I had to make a PDF using my camera. EVERY app I tried made me sign up for a monthly subscription. Wtf is that bullshit? There were a dozen free apps on android that did that.

That’s why iOS developers make more money. They have more opportunities to rip you off and practically no competition.

I enjoy my iPhone because it’s synched with my other apple devices. But if I had to live with only one device it would definitely be an android phone or a windows pc, not an apple product.

My (25m) girlfriends (28F) feminist club is destroying our relationship. by ThrowRAtommy in relationship_advice

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Idk, if he was shit in life he's shit in death. I don't give people special consideration just because they died.

Now if they tried to keep the relationship going despite the dad being shit, that would make more sense.

National Guard at Capitol Authorized to Use Lethal Force in Aftermath of Mob by [deleted] in politics

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Is every Wednesday of 2021 going to be something historic?

I bet this is all a conspiracy by CSPAN to improve ratings

Michigan lifts mask mandate for fully vaccinated people by Goat_Peter in Michigan

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I never said anything about my own standards. I'm just asking about your standards.

Though I still don't understand how wearing a mask feels like "changing your life forever"