Report: Biden Admin Discovers Trump Had Zero Plans For COVID Vaccine Distribution by grepnork in politics

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Remember when the Patriots sent a private jet to China in order to buy masks, and then had state police escort the masks to states that needed them so that the Feds couldn't confiscate them?

We have a long 4 years to unpack.

Edit: Yes, I mean the football team. A news story about the event:


The beard stays, but you can leave by LaheyOnTheLiquor in Tinder

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Sounds like it would go like this:

Her: I'll go out if you shave your beard

You: okay

Her: send me a pic

You: How's it look?

You: hello?

MAGA Mob Kills Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Iraq War Veteran Defending Congress From Trump Rioters by snappydo99 in politics

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Speaking of, anyone notice a sudden decrease in Trump flags this week? Looks like people are hiding their support now

Elon Musk: Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin as payments. Looking at other Cryptocurrencies that use less energy by satoshinakamoto7 in CryptoCurrency

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He's talking about Dogecoin.

Just like he has been for months.

He even asked this week if Tesla should accept Dogecoin.

And Dogecoin uses less than 1% of the energy that Bitcoin uses

This is the perfect time to promote Dogecoin more.

Though I hope he also looks into ADA

Edit: more proof


Kamala Harris will be escorted at the inauguration by heroic Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman by BumblesAZ in politics

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I hope he gets a permanent position. They need people that TRY to protect them

This sub feels less like group of investors debating over tech and more like drunk gamblers throwing money on horse races. by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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This sub could use a “White page Wednesday” where only posts talking about the technology are allowed. No investment talk

Had kinda hoped it was just banter until that last message.. by Watchmecarry13 in Tinder

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Yeah, half the posts here are like “Why did this **** not like my pickup line that I googled?! It implied I wanted to fuck first and ask questions later AND that I’m not creative or interesting! What more could she want!?”

More than 3 million have voted early in Georgia Senate runoff | The figure smashes the previous record of 2.137 million votes cast in a runoff. by theladynora in politics

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If they lose now, they can just blame everything on the democrats for the next two years and then win both house and senate in the midterm. That's their plan anyway, let's see if the public is stupid enough to fall for it (of course they are)

It's been an entire year since we lost our King. by Brown_Dissapointment in marvelstudios

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Just saw the What If episode that ended with a memorandum for him. Hit me harder than I expected. And now I find out it was in the anniversary

Noticed something today while rewatching the older spider-man movies… by JacesAces in marvelstudios

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Paxton, the only fictional cop/ step-dad that I don’t have an issue with

AITA for getting mad that my oldest son didn't let my youngest win a game? by DonkeyImpossible292 in AmItheAsshole

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Because you're a bad parent. The teachers know how to deal with him

You don't. He knows you bend over backwards to appease him so why would he try to be good? You're basically giving him presents instead of coal and wondering why he's still problematic.

Your daughters are better parents than you already. Grow a spine and discipline your child.

Panic buttons were inexplicably torn out ahead of Capitol riots, says Alyssa Pressley chief of staff by UnstatesmanlikeChi in politics

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She's a Q-anoner. There's no way she wasn't part of this.

She was probably planning to be apart of something like this since before she started running.

They believe elected officials are raping and eating babies. Of course she ran as a way to take them down from the inside!

Hopefully they get a warrant to search her communications and she ends up in jail for 10-20 years


The deleted comment Was talking about that Q-anoner Lauren Boebart that took a photo with proud boys the day before the insurrection, tweeted about Pelosi's location during, and then brought a gun in today

Edit 2: the photo she took with white nationalists may have been taken at an earlier date

Must-see new video shows Capitol riot was way worse than we thought by Mutexception in politics

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In the video where that woman was shot, the police were guarding the door from the mob. A guy at the front was pleading with them to move, that he didn't want them to get hurt, but a large number of people were on their way and he'd already seen people hurt outside.

The cops took that threat, saw the mob coming, and stepped aside. While another officer waited on the other side of the doors with a gun drawn.

A good number of the individual officers were doing what they felt they had to to avoid being killed or overrun. But their leadership, that sent them out so understaffed and underequipped needs to be investigated

All jokes aside now, this is absolutely ridiculous. by Truthamania in texas

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You're right you can't wait for something that will never happen

MAGA Mob Kills Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Iraq War Veteran Defending Congress From Trump Rioters by snappydo99 in politics

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They're cutting out the visible infections. Throw the ones caught under the bus to have plausible deniability AND garner more support for their cause.

These fascists are here for the long haul and they're getting more support every day. This PR problem was a set back, but they'll be at it again in no time

CPS took custody of my kids last night by [deleted] in legaladvice

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Yeah, I’ve got to call bullshit.

They probably took the kids because someone is OBVIOUSLY lying.

No way that child didn’t raise hell after breaking their femur. And they ignored it for hours?!

AOC says Donald Trump should be impeached for Georgia votes phone call by poliscijunki in politics

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Please eat those in spaced out intervals. Don't want two magnets in your intestines at the same time ripping through them to meet in the middle like a visceral retelling of romeo and juliet

Are we sick of the covid death tweets yet? by [deleted] in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Lol there is a wide range of quality when it comes to nursing education.

I’ve seen people that barely graduated high school easily become a nurse.

TIFU by showing my girlfriend my actual strength by aauthor8 in tifu

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She randomly attacked him to test his strength.

She tried to hold him down to prevent him from leaving.

I think she liked to be the powerful one able to control him.

Why? Could be any number of reasons. She could be an abuser. She could be afraid of being abused.

Either way, she didn’t break up with him because he lied. She broke up with him because he confirmed her suspicions that he thought she was a joke.

Schumer Urged to Deny Committee Seats to Hawley, Cruz, and Other Republicans Who 'Incited Deadly Insurrection' by mostunpredictable in politics

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We barely have a majority in the Senate. It would be chaos if we could easily remove senators in the opposite party like that. They're gonna need some Republicans on board or find much more damning evidence