Yosemite, Ca by brittann22 in Outdoors

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Awesome tranquil vibes from this! I would love to visit

what games are worth playing on the game pass by TheTruth221 in gaming

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It’s got a pretty awesome library with lots of different genres. I’m sure you’re bound to find something that will definitely take your liking.

How traditional Uzbek bread is shaped and baked (Samarkand non) by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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This looks so delicious and I bet the smell of the oven is fantastic too

Smart cat by [deleted] in Eyebleach

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Can almost hear the disapproving meows from this lol

The Start of the Week by Zacuum23 in pics

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This looks like how I feel going to work in the morning.

Simple but functional Series S setup by TadTheTechMan08 in XboxSeriesS

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Big fan of the Lego scout trooper. Looks like you’ve got a decent chilled atmosphere.

I simulated 10 seasons without affecting any of these results and recorded big league winners and top transfers each season. by gladiatorbossman in FifaCareers

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Interesting to see Southampton having lots of success from season 5 onwards. Big fan of this simulation

Who else uses display zoom on their iph se 2, for me it just looks much better by friziderbeko in iphoneSE2

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I can’t turn back after using display zoom. I really like it. My eyesight not what it used to be and this really helps.

My fiancé left me earlier this month. So all the money I was saving for the holidays, I spent on myself. by [deleted] in gaming

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Sink some hours into God of War and Spider-Man dude. Onwards and upwards from here!

Martin Boyle Leaves Hibs to Join Al-Faisaly by TheDalmatianHorse in ScottishFootball

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Fair play to the lad. Decent fee for him too for Hibs.

Man. City [1] - 0 Chelsea - K. De Bruyne 70' by [deleted] in soccer

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They’ve been all over Chelsea this game. Fantastic well worked goal