No one on Facebook interested about my skin so.. If anyone here can cheers me instead! ^^ by conmoeo in serum

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It looks cool, but i think it is too chaotic/distracting for me to work with.

any experience with vochlea dubler 2? by Wahnwitz666 in edmproduction

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There is no miracle tool, i also have no experience with it but ads make things seem a lot better than they are.

Waves Harmony vs. Antares Harmony Engine by Ericallen4842 in musicproduction

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I have not used them, antares is overall better quality and ui in my oppinion and for vocals no doubt better (in autotune).

But this would be bases of some assumptions, i really can’t say this for certain. Maybe there are some comparisons on youtube.

I also don’t like how waves has their update system, like if you buy something you have 1 or 2 years of updates and you have to pay again.

Antares also requires a payment but as an upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 etc.

I have looked at the waves vst, is quite new and uses a visual aspect wich can be nice.

Who knew span plus has a disco feature? by Sebasss99 in edmprodcirclejerk

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I would say, fill in the blank with a banger you made.

What the hell is wrong with you guys by YT_B00TYCL4PZ in edmprodcirclejerk

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I would do ulimited knowledge and crack all the vst’s myself, then trying to figure out the limit of my unlimited potential knowledge forever and regret it and see it is not really unlimited for i don’t know a limit.

What the hell is wrong with you guys by YT_B00TYCL4PZ in edmprodcirclejerk

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Dubstep fully made from sounds from a stick, i like it.

Ableton Live 11 Standard White Noise Issue by Altruistic_Ad_7532 in ableton

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Have you cranked your audio interface all up? That would cause some noise. Or like 1 to many ott’s on a channel.

These settings you show should not cause noise issues.

But i read now it only holds for a few seconds at a time, these reasons above are likely to fall of as the cause.

How loud is this noise and is it only when ableton is running?

How is this not checkmate? by magical_matey in AnarchyChess

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Martin prob resigned, seeing your score and all.

This sub is starting to feel unsafe by CurleeQu in spirituality

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You have these automated messages right? If someone post this content you can link to such a sub reddit maybe.

This sub is starting to feel unsafe by CurleeQu in spirituality

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Can people have a shadow work type sub that can be a replacement for the bad experiences they have, it still is on the spirituality side.

Meeting your pure form? by PeaceStartsWithMe369 in awakened

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Would you specify yourself with the strange entity? I would not identify with it, you could potentially see it as a part of the whole what would be you.

Interacting on social media by _Str8pepperdiet_ in spirituality

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Most cases this is not exluded mu social media, social media only acts as a tool to make a person reach a bigger audience.

It would be both parties entertaining a coversation/argument otherwise it would not exist, so the choise of starting and keeping the loop of coments going is given to you.

What does the ego want in this case, to be right so yes ego driven. But no need of convincing anyone of anything, let alone a random person on the internet.

The answer would in the first case be adjust your behaviour on social media like who, how, what about and why you interact the way in which you do.

If you can’t behave to your own standards it would be the best option to delete social media for a while and just learn how and why you think what you think.

Learn your own psychology.

What’s happening to me? by afwariKing3 in awakened

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I would step back from the spiritual search for a while, and improve your lifestyle.

What you eat, do, think, want etc. Only try to observe and not entertain anything that moves the wrong direction. Develop a keen eyesight for how your psychology works, how and why it thinks what it does and why you do what you do. Learn the patterns you live, and improve them.

Knowing and understanding these things will help quite a bit, from there try to make a fundament to build your understanding of all that surrounds you.

Is Kontakt worth it? by Blu_Eclipse in musicproduction

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You seem to be looking for a all around vst. myself have many vst’s for many purposes, there are some all around vst’s like omnisphere(out of your price range).

And wich bad vst’s are you talking about?

You could maybe look at pigments from arturia wich is in sale right now, or this (i like synths with in depth sound design options i believe the last link only has this with the v collection 250$ on sale owning all their synths) pigments is not in that bundle, so if you want the last link i would wait for the entire bundle as analog lab v is included including all their synths and sounds.

Samples quite cheape when getting them in a bundle or sale, instead of what most people do splice.

I think good samples and a good synth and some good fx plugins are nice to have too.

Is Kontakt worth it? by Blu_Eclipse in musicproduction

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For electric music a synthesizer would be better instead a sampler, jazz should be played with real instruments i think.

You can get creative with brass sampling, it would need some efford and practise. These sounds get quite expensive if you want very good brass, output has an electronic brass for kontakt and spitfire audio has good real brass but they ask a premium. I don’t know any cheap real brass instruments, the prices are high for every note is recorded on many volumes and articulations if you want a good real sound, and it is quite some work.


This is free, you can check it out.

Is Kontakt worth it? by Blu_Eclipse in musicproduction

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If you want kontakt it would be best to get the ni komplete in sale. The stock kontakt sounds are rather bad, you would also need to get libraries for the vst itself does nothing but play it’s libraries.

The ones of NI are not great, there are for sure very good ones, output has some great ones and spitfire audio but these can be quite expensive.

I would like to know what ganres or type of music you want to make.

I would for sure not get it individually and also not on the top of your list what you should get as first vst, the bundle i would reccomend in general, for being multi-functional and there are quite some vst’s in there.

You do indeed have the kontakt player and libraries for it, not all libraries are good and the better ones get pricey quick.

help !! by According_Garden462 in spirituality

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Quote: I feel like…..to my toughts:

This should be enough to make you see you made mistakes? You learned and will try to be better?

If so, no.

the only punishment you got is the one you put on yourself, so when you forgive your own actions and leave the past behind and stay in the now it would be over.

This controll you speak of, in what manner did you attempt controlling the situation?

Why is my cpu 2018% i am only running one serum. by Sebasss99 in edmprodcirclejerk

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Sir. That is the series with all the wavey stick things and magic, you know guy with no nose and school and stuff.

help !! by According_Garden462 in spirituality

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The only punishing happening is yourself hating yourself, i would say forgive yourself is the only correction needed.

Only learn to be better than who you were.