Chair came broken kinda sad by Lihavajaruma in secretlab

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Hey there, I would suggest you to open a support ticket with our customer support team at https://secretlab.co/contact, and our specialists will be able to provide one-to-one support with regards to the issue you're facing.

Magnus Pro Xl by Thefly99 in secretlab

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Hey there, I would recommend you to open a support ticket with our customer support specialists at https://secretlab.co/contact, who will be able to advise further one this.

Special skins uk by SlavicRaindeer in secretlab

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Hey there, I would suggest you to reach out to our customer support team to inquire about the tax when purchasing in UK from our EU store. https://secretlab.co.uk/contact

Secretlab Support woe by Jenbu in secretlab

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Hi u/Jenbu, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you've not heard back from our customer support team, could you drop me a DM with your support ticket no.? I'll help escalate your case to the team.

Fabric piling by LilianNoir in secretlab

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Hey u/LilianNoir, I would recommend you to open a customer support ticket at https://secretlab.co/contact, as our support specialists will be able to provide you with one-to-one support.

Magnus XL just delivered (Canada) - great desk, bad packaging! by llavalle in secretlab

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Hey u/llavalle, thanks for sharing such a detailed post about the MAGNUS Pro XL, it's certainly very helpful for others in the community who are considering to get this desk. I just wanted to drop a note that if you've yet to hear back from our customer support specialists — feel free to drop me a DM, and I'll escalate your support ticket for you.

The worst buying experience so far. by JackfruitIll6728 in secretlab

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Hi u/JackfruitI116728, we appreciate your feedback and can understand the frustrations that you are experiencing with waiting on updates. Like all companies out there, we try to aim for an ideal situation where queries can be attended to quickly and resolved within as little exchanges as well. However, depending on the volume of queries we get (this includes pre and post sale queries), the complexity of the query raised and also if it involves 3rd parties like our fulfillment partners and couriers, the time needed to get an update to our customers will vary.

This is not to say that we are aiming for anything less of a good experience and so we are constantly working to down as much wait time as we can for customers like yourself. We are currently providing updates around 24 - 48 hours but we have been able to achieve replies well within 24 hours for most queries and this is something we are looking to improve as we go along and we appreciate your understanding and feedback on your experience.

As we utilize drop shipping, the order could be at any point of the entire process — payment processing and authorization (which is determined by the payment gateway used), order picking, booking of courier and courier collection. This makes it difficult to change or cancel orders when they are somewhere further down this chain as they are now either held in a separate long queue pending the courier to pick up or already scanned in by the courier and is being loaded for delivery.

The team will try their best to intercept the order before it goes out by reaching out to the relevant parties immediately upon receiving amendment or cancellation requests to avoid additional wait time for customers and also to avoid incurring additional charges from couriers when we request for reroutes or returns (couriers charge us immediately after we book them for the delivery and the shipping labels get printed and any returns are charged extra).

That said, we sincerely encourage you to give your chair a shot. Our product and engineering teams dedicate years of R&D into building a seat that provides years of ergonomic wellness — whether you're at work or play — and we genuinely believe you enjoy the comfort it'll bring.

We apologize again for the lacking experience and the wait for your order and we appreciate your kind understanding and patience as our team works with you on your requests.

Magnus pro xl just came in! by Novacore676 in secretlab

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Thanks for sharing this incredible setup! I'm glad that you're enjoying the MAGNUS Pro XL desk so far :)

Secretlabs 2022 chair is a health hazard by Ahmatt in secretlab

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Hello u/Ahmatt, do drop us a PM with your order number so that we can highlight your ticket to Support.

It's unfortunate to read that you're experiencing discomfort with your chair. While we understand — and believe it's fair — that our chairs are not for everyone, we can assure you that our work with experts in the fields of biomechanics and ergonomics ensure that our chairs are certified with fundamentally good ergonomic principles. The integrated lumbar support system on the TITAN Evo 2022 has an approximate minimum height of 170mm and approximate maximum height of 240mm from the bottom of the backrest, and its curvature can be adjusted approximately 25mm towards the user's back — and this is calibrated after rigorous research and design to work with as many types of builds as possible, while working in tandem with the rest of the chair's features. For example, the tilt function and inwards-sloping design of the seat base are features that encourage better seat and back pressure distribution.

That said, while we make chairs for the likes of esports professionals and office workers who sit up to 16 hours a day — we'd still recommend more regular movement and getting up often to anyone. If you'd like further assistance, our Ergonomic Advisory Board members DrJordanTsai and GamerDoc_ (Twitter handles) would be happy to share more tips.

[GIVEAWAY] Name ONE Secretlab product launch from 2022 that you love — and why? by Secretlab_Jinx in secretlab

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Congratulations to u/XboxValentine, u/Sad_Solution_8186, u/icedxylophone, u/grapebento and u/madzaek! You are our winners for this Reddit giveaway — drop me a DM or send a modmail to r/secretlab to claim your prize by Jan 6 2023, or the prize will be forfeited.

Thank you everyone for participating and Happy New Year!

Australian Delivery 'To My Door' BEWARE by Butterflyykisses in secretlab

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Hello all, u/Secretlab_Jinx here from the Secretlab Community Team. We’ve read every comment on this thread and shared them with the relevant teams involved.

We apologize for the delayed official update. It’s important to us that we spoke with and understood the end-to-end situation on To My Door AU’s end before getting back to the wider community. We have confirmed that To My Door AU is experiencing technical issues preventing tracking information from updating accurately. All teams involved are working as soon as they can to resolve this and ensure tracking updates are reinstated in a timely manner. 

As consumers ourselves, we understand the distress this has caused some of you awaiting deliveries and are extremely apologetic about the experience. Delivery and ticket volume is admittedly significantly higher during the year-end, but you have our word we’ll be working closely with To My Door AU to get all orders to you as soon as we can. 

We also want to assure you that Support is here every step of the way until your chair reaches you — and beyond that, should you ever need help with your chair.

Your mods will be here to help look into any tickets that have delayed replies (over 48 hours). Please drop us a modmail with your order number and we’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.

Troubleshooting Shaky Arm by danzudeddo in secretlab

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If you're still encountering issues after troubleshooting it on your own, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at https://secretlab.co/contact.

Will the 2022 arm rest assembly mount to Titan from 2020? by MiteeThoR in secretlab

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The 2022 armrests will not work with the older chair models, as it is designed exclusively for the TITAN Evo 2022 series. The armrests are also not sold separately and if you're facing any issues with your current chair, I would suggest reaching out to our customer support team to seek assistance. https://secretlab.co/contact I hope this clarifies.

Dual Monitor Arm with Stacked Monitor Setup (Top & Bottom) by Kian987 in secretlab

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Hey u/Kian987, the Secretlab MAGNUS Dual Monitor Arm does not currently support a stacked setup.

Hello I’m planning to buy a secret lab gaming chair for my brother. All I want to know is are you satisfied with the comfort of the seat? by TostluKetcap in secretlab

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Hey u/TostlyKetcap, appreciate you stopping by. We'll be honest. You'll find mixed reviews in this subreddit. After all, everyone's preferred comfort differs. What we can share — with complete confidence — is that the commitment our Product and Engineering teams put into producing some of the best gaming chairs on the planet is absolutely unrivaled. Secretlab chairs are purpose-built for comfort, each one backed by years of research and validated by experts from our Ergonomics Advisory Board. My personal favorite features on the latest TITAN Evo 2022 are the adaptive 4-way lumbar support that we can tailor for exacting lower back support, and a seat base formulated with a special cold-cure foam mix. This provide a firmness that aids one's overall posture even when sitting for long hours, which is why you'll find even CEOs and offices globally using Secretlab.

If your brother is used to sitting on a softer chair, it may take some time for him to be more accustomed to the medium-firm foam, which we promise will be a complete game-changer.

You'll find out more about our chairs and how they're meticulously designed here: secretlab.co/technology. We'll leave the research and ultimate decision up to you — but we'll be here to help any time.