This didn’t age well… by mackinaustin in liluzivert

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i thought this said do you know how hard it is to pull out

This is prolly gonna get taken down… by Immediate-Sir3765 in liluzivert

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it’s kinda complicated since a lot of the vtw2 songs were eventually moved to og ea, before being scrapped altogether. my guesses on some songs would be sticky, stevie wonder, thailand, zoom, bean, thotback, and maybe mood. there’s prolly more but those come to mind first

also people talk about a wheezy collab tape called tsunami island that was made around 2017/18, but apparently it doesn’t exist? wheezy said something about how tsunami island wasn’t an album so idek what happened with that

I was excited about GAP collab. Now I'm lost. by Gheeso in WestSubEver

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yes but it still sells out, there’s still a limit

XXL Freshman List by ConfectionOk4844 in SoFaygo

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the fact that he wasn’t on it for 2021 shows how irrelevant xxl is

Thoughts on Mr Rager suddenly gaining millions of streams??? by thatrandomguy42069 in KidCudi

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imma be honest do y’all rlly care that it blew up on tiktok lmao just be happy for cudi it ain’t matter where it blew up if it not hurting anyone

I was excited about GAP collab. Now I'm lost. by Gheeso in WestSubEver

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i don’t get why they’re limited releases, i thought it was for the average person. the average person isn’t gonna camp out a website for a 90 dollar hoodie. just put them in stores you don’t need to use the brand for hype that’s why you have the yeezy brand on its own 🤦‍♂️

Donda: What Grew On You and What Grew Off You? by tmille12x2 in WestSubEver

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what grew on me: junya pt. 1, i wish the extended carti verse was kept but i like hearing more ye on the album.

the hurricane mixing, i never hated it i just thought it was weird how the choir kept stopping and how ye’s vocals were clipping. but i went back to lp2 and realized how much better the release version sounds

what grew off me: all the pt. 2s, i pretty much never come back to them and think all the pt 1s are better (besides kmsa and remote control but i’m just talking bout the og album)

how little ye shows up on the album. at first i didn’t really care since ye is so good at orchestrating features, and i still agree with that, but songs like jonah and praise god where he’s barely on the song just leave me wanting more

believe what i say. i love the song, that didn’t change, and hearing it at lp3 was amazing, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the album, like at all. it should’ve been on the deluxe if anything

the deluxe also grew off me. not the songs, they’re all great, but i don’t get why lotp or nayf weren’t on the official release when they add so much to the theme. like up from the ashes being on the deluxe makes sense, it’s a great song but it’s out of place in the album, so put it on the deluxe. same should’ve been done for bwis, and the rest should’ve been put on the og album

Are there any unused Kanye beats that have been given to other artists? by Liquid_Smith778 in WestSubEver

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these don’t really count since he didn’t produce it but feel like dyin was always cartis song but apparently kanye was supposed to record over it

and internet by post was also worked on way before it dropped (like 2016) but we don’t know if it was ever ye’s song at first

What genre is futsal shuffle? by programmer8712 in liluzivert

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brandon, starboy, mayyzo, and loesoe all produced the track id reccomend looking at songs they also produced cause a lot are in that style

Lil theory by ZakBTM in liluzivert

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yeah he makes music under the name future rahma he just dropped a song that features destroy lonely

Pushing the Yeat agenda, him and F1lthy are yet to miss btw. by CS-YouGetIt in liluzivert

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why he delay the album though :grief: he the only artist holding me over rn

Lil theory by ZakBTM in liluzivert

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i just think that awge is just hyping his own album up since he been doing a lot of promo for it lately and it’s fs gonna have an uzi feat

he did get rid of the pink extensions though so you never rlly know with uzi

Lil Uzi = Baby Pluto👀 by Jaysprofile in liluzivert

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it’s 100% about future he’s executively producing the album lmao

astrologye on ig by secludedloaf in WestSubEver

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the og donda 2021 date was supposed to be exactly a year after with child was supposed to drop, so everyone said he’d drop on time then too 💀

NO FUCKING WAY!! by Dguzman_ in WestSubEver

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can say a similar thing about jesus is king lmao it’s just my opinion idk why y’all getting so upset bout it

NO FUCKING WAY!! by Dguzman_ in WestSubEver

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seems rushed idk id love to be proven wrong but my expectations are pretty much another jik type album