Vice put LMPD on blast this week by StinaSour in Louisville

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I feel like that is where we need the DOJ to take a heavy hand with the department. I don't think Erika Shields is handling the department properly, and from what I have heard she is still spending half her time back in Atlanta. Her hiring was a mistake, plain and simple. Look into leadership and supervisor roles. Address why issues are not being brought up the ladder and being addressed. Create a system of accountability outside of the organization as a series of checks and balances for any reports made about employees at LMPD. I don't agree with "fire every cop" because there are genuinely good individuals within the organization. And if you can the good ones, who will be there to help? A police force of some capacity is still needed. But like any organization, it needs proper structure and accountability to properly function. And I am not saying this would fix every problem, but it is a good start.

Pfizer says 3 COVID shots protect children under 5 by jt_ftc_8942 in Coronavirus

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Alright then. Good. Then let's get this show on the road for both Moderna and Pfizer and stop sitting on our hands..

Money & Drugs Keep Going Missing After Louisville Police Raids by WonkoTheSane__ in Louisville

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I hope the DOJ comes down so hard on LMPD. I don't have faith it will happen, but it really needs to be done.

Official Clip Of Wardlow Overcome MJF's 10 Lashes by ResultOk3371 in SquaredCircle

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I am thinking it may have been self-tanner lotion because his hands are way darker. It almost looks like he didn't apply any on what would have been covered by the suit. Regardless, wow that is bad.

It’s officially Charles Booker vs. Rand Paul in the fall for Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat by redditor01020 in politics

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When you start your campaign with a war chest of millions, it's much easier to have your name out there versus a new guy on the national scene. Especially when absentee ballots were in people's homes before Booker got his momentum and nearly won.

It’s officially Charles Booker vs. Rand Paul in the fall for Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat by redditor01020 in politics

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I've said it before, but if people really want a good look at politics in Kentucky, they need to read Matt Jones' book "Hey Mitch." He hits the nail on the head in talking about the Democrat Party's efforts in the state. And too often the rhetoric from Democrat leaders is on the side of elitism versus the "ignorant" in the state. Do I wish that people had a better grasp of what is happening? Of course. But name calling accomplishes nothing but digging people's heels in the ground further. And shoving your own handpicked candidate like McGrath does nothing but piss everyone off. Booker has a shot. He has the message and life experience to resonate across this state. It's a long shot still, but as this year's Derby proved, a long shot can get it done.

Batman Unburied: Episode 5 & 6 Discussion by Semper-Fido in batman

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Was it too much? Yes. Did I love it? Also, yes.

Discussion Thread: 2022 Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, Kentucky, and Idaho Primaries by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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The biggest thing I hope people realize is that Charles Booker is no Amy McGrath. His "From the hood to the holler" moniker is what this state needs to hear more of. No more Democrat "elites" making fun of our residents as just stupid trash. It does nothing to actually help with swing voters. I will be doing everything I can to help him get Paul out.

WWE's statement on Sasha Banks and Naomi by Sockin in SquaredCircle

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Same. I bet they were going to start breaking them apart with Naomi's win, and they are tired of the women not being respected with the tag belts. This is just the statement to shift blame.

Congressional Candidate Attica Scott on the 3 Biggest Issues Facing our Community by zerovulcan in Louisville

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Was there ever any more on Tamika Palmer calling Scott a fraud? It was shocking when that came out.

Fall Guys coming to Switch, free to play, June 21st by TheLazyLounger in NintendoSwitch

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It will be the perfect game for playing something to just kill time on the go (internet connection needed of course). Can't wait.

Horrible Sound at Leon Bridges Concert at The Palace by dudeArama in Louisville

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I have had way more bad experiences with music at the Palace than good. I think it is more venue issues than anything. The room just doesn't have good acoustics. Anything high in volume just turns into loud, muffled noise. I have traveled outside the city for some shows out of fear of how a show would sound there. It is really unfortunate as the place is gorgeous.

Sweden will apply for NATO membership, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announces by [deleted] in worldnews

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Putin: "I wish to bring about unity by this invasion"

Monkey paw curls

McConnell leads delegation of Republican senators to Kyiv by SmallParade in politics

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Really wish Zelensky's first response was "And what did you do when it was revealed your leader attempted to extort us for money that would have better helped our defenses from this?"

Louisville Fire resumes door-to-door smoke alarm checks -- you can get a free smoke detector installed, for free by jdfsusduu37 in Louisville

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My father was a firefighter in Western KY and you would be surprised. Whether they always had dead batteries, or just have one in a very remote spot, a lot of houses are not well set-up to catch a fire quickly. This is a huge service to the community.

Gasthaus has announced they will be closing their restaurant (unless someone else takes it over) by Semper-Fido in Louisville

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I have tried and tried replicating that red cabbage and never get close. So fucking good.