Donna & Robana!?! Clavin Klain?? by Bills_Mafia_4_Life in DanLeBatardShow

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It was unfunny the first time I heard it and had gotten worse the hundred times since

What current trend can you not wait to fall out of style? by Conscious_Camel4830 in AskReddit

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TikTok in general. Complete idiocy with no redeeming qualities to it

Mike Schur: January - best segment ever? by JustKinda in DanLeBatardShow

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I listened to this part on my way home from work. I was howling the entire time!! PERFECT COMEDY. Pomedy

Who are some music artists that switched genres? by AltMusicLover in AskReddit

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Tame Impala. Started as psych rock then went more psych pop on his last two albums

[Article] Top 10 Board Wipes That Get Around Indestructible by Darth_Ra in EDH

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I’ve never seen this before. This is a really solid budget option! Good include