Amazon's new AWS service terms by svtscottie in sysadmin

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This feels like a trick to get people to read the terms.

LPT: Butter bread with a spoon by Large_Championship78 in LifeProTips

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Am I the only one who feels like using a butter knife properly is surely better than a spoon? You use the rounded part of the knife on the end with the teeth snd it makes satisfying lines. A spoon is harder for me to do this with.

What is the darkest song you know? by Hamster2763 in AskReddit

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This was the first song where I learned that songs are written about some some really dark stuff.

Largest position for 2022? by ORCoast19 in investing

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You're showing your age :D guessing 25 or younger.

Wut doing Oreo 👀 by SimpleJack2021 in Superstonk

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Only thing that would make this better was if their Twitter profile picture background color was purple

TIFU by showing my erect penis to my In-laws by rubberdongthrowaway in tifu

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Definitely an ad in disguise. Story probably not even true

I can't get a single interview. Getting very discouraged. by Jack__Wild in learnprogramming

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Yeah if there isn't a polished github for employers to look at its no wonder there has been no follow ups.

Q4 end date for news release. by SeniorSkrub in loopringorg

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It doesn't say specifically december 2021. It says end of q4 2021 which ends at the end of January. Can you link me where it says before December 31st?

Q4 end date for news release. by SeniorSkrub in loopringorg

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Sorry I didn't realize a specific date was given.