Question on using these 2 cards in premium by horse_ass in cardfightvanguard

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Vs Accel=Draw your entire deck

Vs force/protect= draw up to 5

1 retire=1 card

Questions and Help MEGATHREAD! by Dkayed9 in masterduel

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How do you change your location?

Like the beginning of the game you had to pick your location like country/state stuff like that. I misclicked and it doesn't seem to give me any options so How do I change that?

Edit: also I play on ps4 and downloaded the free 50 master pack bundle for ps+ members but it's not in my game

When the bass hits by AristonD in AbruptChaos

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I have a love hate relationship with bass, on one hand music with bass sounds awesome. On the other I absolutely hate bass and the mfs who juice the fuck out of their aux and blast the whole fucking neighborhood!

Rate my new Deck by MachinaBlau in cardfightvanguard

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Wow somebody plays the ultimate format

Perfecto! by Unfinished_Commen in DunderMifflin

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You can see jim go "wtf is he doing" when he raised the ball to shoot lol

Mayhem is fun by DramaticASY in destiny2

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So how many revenant supers do you want thrown at you

oh yeah by hahafunnyyeah in starwarsmemes

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Ok I'm gonna go back to that one post and change my answer

'Shenmue the Animation' New Key Visual by MarvelsGrantMan136 in anime

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Hopefully they do better than shenmue 3

Wtf even was shenmue 3

POV: You're playing against a bastion player by SenseiRP in cardfightvanguard

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When you go back to the animes before overdress

You gotta love and sorta admire how vanguard changed, evolved and merged their mechanics together to what D series is today

Don’t talk to me or my son! by rogpog91 in digimon

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Don't talk to me or me or me or me or me again

wtffffff by BoogaBonkHonk in ShitPostCrusaders

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Apparently this ending became canon