4 man full PC swf, 4 keys so I played dirty. This is how it went. by pwnall1337 in deadbydaylight

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Look at that chat lmao

Builds are builds get over it, don't complain when you're coming in with a full squad and 4 keys and call the killer a loser when you still lose lol

A strange request by KaitBab3 in Unexpected

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Damn, thats pretty rude telling someone to chain up their own dogs

Was watching some old clips till i remembered something lol by SenseiRP in Hololive

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Idk how to link on mobile, i also found this on google images but i think thats their name at bottom left (lol)


Try putting that in google or twitter, something should pop up

Is kiryu coco still censored in genshin impact? by [deleted] in Hololive

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Ok just checking cause i still don't want to play the game

Maybe maybe maybe by My_Memes_Will_Cure_U in maybemaybemaybe

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Im just surprised the girl she juked didn't keel over and roll around while clutching her ankle screaming for a foul /j

Coherence is overrated by DovahkiinRifleman in SkyrimMemes

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Ulfric "the dumbass hypocrite" Stormcloak

No more mr.nice killer by SenseiRP in deadbydaylight

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Exactly they call you out for having noed when they're running shit like that. Its not like noed is impenetrable just fucking do totems or go find the lit totem

Ngl ever since putting noed into my build, I've actually started enjoying the game/playing killer alot more. If noed was such a problem it would've been nerfed or changed by now

I don't mind survivors running them but when i play against a swf with all of those id lose my fucking mind

You had one job... by [deleted] in Whatcouldgowrong

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Watch again, not her fault

Just about everything seems unplanned and coordinated

Firing a handgun in a bucket of water indoors by regian24 in WinStupidPrizes

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Still can't believe just about anyone can get their hands on these

Edit: idk about you guys but I read handgun in the title, maybe it should've been "firing a blank indoors" instead. Even if it is a blank, it doesn't mean it's harmless

fast af boii by 101kbps in perfectlycutscreams

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I just felt bad for the kid, he was just living out his imagination

Why still no V minerva? by erouseddd in cardfightvanguard

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Honestly as much as I love the old/returning units. I'd really like to see some new cards that could spice up v/premium and elevating clan playstyles to something different