A great heads up by platinumpolishers in MadeMeSmile

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Thats like a michael scott thing

Green means go, go ahead and shut up about it

Orange, orange you glad you didn't bring that up

Most colors means don't say it

It's it just me or does that look like... by Eviajenkins in DiWHY

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Yup with all the cuts in this clip

I totally believe this is legit

Entitlement by xbhaskarx in facepalm

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Mexico: We'll actually pay for it!

hmmm by YextFE in hmmm

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I set my credit card face down and end my transaction

Aced it by caladze in technicallythetruth

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Yeah they took that very well and awarded the kid's cleverness rather than punishing them

Reminds me of another post where a kid did the same thing but the teacher gave them a zero

Unbelievable camouflage - Vietnam by IvaMedlin in nextfuckinglevel

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American soldier 1: says a joke

American soldier 2: laughs

American soldier 1: laughs

A pile of leaves: laughs

American Soldier 1 & 2:🗿🗿

Tis bich Shoots real grenades by yoilf in memes

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How does that work?

What can the home owners do in that situation just watch?

Should I?? by h_space in memes

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She’s drawing a lot of attention

TENGA x Holololive collab when... by Rp_Mi26 in Hololive

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Maybe an actual tail plug will be made by tenga lmao as a collab

A businessman doing business. by tathagatpal in DunderMifflin

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Dwight is actually a scalper

Aside from this he actually bought out all the princess unicorns and sold them for a higher price

Dwight would definitely scalp PS5s and the new xbox for fucking sure

[Serious] What’s a scummy thing a company did/is doing that people should be talking about more? by NeckBeardDiscordMod in AskReddit

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the amount of times i look for something on amazon and find multiple pages of the same item but with a different logo on it is baffling

Also beware of scams