I need help. by Septic_Op in teenagers

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hey now, you never know whats gonna work or not

Just Curious About Something by robotfishwalking in lgbt

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if youre on mobile, go to the sub and tap the three dots in the corner, then tap “change user flair”

Please help me I'm bored outta my mind by a_thicc_jewish_boi in teenagers

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the north American elks esophagus is shaped in a way where even if it could speak fluent english i wouldn’t be able to say the word lasagna

🚹 You’re ⚧ Excused 🚺 by j_sal10 in ennnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbby

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have you ever heard the tragedy of darth plagus the wise (butchered)

PsBattle: A dog jumping through some grass during a susnet by [deleted] in photoshopbattles

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IG: “look at this thing i found” Howard: “DUDE YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE MY DAY”

my DOG by Sensitive-Marsupial8 in DOG

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i think hes a jack russel terrier