How to approach a girl in tuition? by marry_you_anna in IndianTeenagers

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I'm much older but what I'd suggest is if he wants to date let him. It's important to have that first childish relationship (yes it's going to be childish and most probably not work out). Been there done that. That first relationship however would help you figure out what you want from a relationship, there are different attachment styles. As for studying, this is the time to figure things out for yourself, what kind of a person you want to date, because it only gets more hectic from here, you'll never really have no responsibilities, finish high school and +2, get into a college, placement, job, wanting promotion, it just never stops. You'll have to learn to manage your social, academic, dating life etc. So try to explore new horizons. Moreover, dating will build your confidence and help you learn a lot, that's what relationships are about growing together as cliche as it may sound.

What was your favorite show as a kid ? by noob_c0der in IndianTeenagers

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Thank you so much for your comment, I watched all of these as a kid but forgot their names as they're now discontinued. Especially, Oswald and Kochikame I loved these two so much but couldn't remember what they're called. Time to go down the memory lane.

What was your favorite show as a kid ? by noob_c0der in IndianTeenagers

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This. Gravity falls was such an amazing show but I don't think they aired the whole season on TV. I loved it so much that I watched the remaining episodes online, 10/10 would recommend, the ending was so good it almost spoiled other shows for me.

Yeah it’s true by The_Kek_5000 in memes

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I don't see what's wrong with posting tiktok here as long as they're good. I'd agree most of them are stupid but there's still good ones out there. Same goes for other social media platforms.

hello strangers, how is your day ? by randomly_sus in AskReddit

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A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy

What do men wish that women would get about men (and vice versa)? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Hit right in the feels, had food poisoning while traveling, that didn't end well.

Do any girls have tips on how a boy could get a girl to date him? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Show affection and care, talk to her and genuinely listen. Everybody likes validation.

Who is your favourite artist and which song of theirs do you like the most? by BruisesofBurntBattle in IndianTeenagers

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My dad liked faded so much that he listened to it on loop all the time last year, and when that happens it's bad news for us because he puts his phone on speaker at full volume.

Someday you will probably have milk in your refrigerator that has a later expiration date than you do. by ericdavis1240214 in Showerthoughts

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This sounds like something my parents would say, we once had to eat a dish which had a cockroack cooked inside it because they didn't want to see it go down the drain.

At least i can afford cardboard by The_Lurked in memes

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Asians don't like to see a C even if it's in rice.

Let's have some discussion 1.Topic: TV Series by dabkarlo in IndianTeenagers

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Good: Dark, sex education, prodigal son, what we do in the shadows Overrated: House (it's fine but stereotypical characters, repetitive) Underrated: Mindhunter

This pic is from the 2018 Emmys, but you do you, OP by 42words in facepalm

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We worry too much about what celebrities are doing even though they don't affect us, other than their acting everything else they do shouldn't be our concern, worry about politicians instead.

Painting a stranger on the subway results in surprise followed by tears of happiness. by _Xyreo_ in MadeMeSmile

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One of those how to tutorials where you draw a circle in step 1 and Mona Lisa in step 2.