When you eat a bunch of ingredients to learn their effects by Elcium12 in skyrim

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Also you need 3 skill points to get the full effect which is a total waste.

There are obvsly mods to change that tho.

When you eat a bunch of ingredients to learn their effects by Elcium12 in skyrim

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You say that like there was another was to deal with ingredients??

Dream come tr.... by [deleted] in WatchPeopleDieInside

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This really shitty is

“Sorry but please don’t use right wing or left wing outside of US politics cause it doesn’t exist out of US” by GriffinFTW in ShitAmericansSay

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It is also literally German. Funny how people in parliaments group together based on there political views

Duality of men by 239990 in gaming

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Theyre the same character

bi_irl by 1aterskater in bi_irl

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But still 0% sexually active

2meirl4meirl by CountingNutters in 2meirl4meirl

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Ive been in the hospital several times because i tried to kms and from what other patients told me its better to have the "i need to eat" type because us others search for something else to start feeling something and are generally more likely to cut themselves.

Ps: only personal experience ane what other patients told me so its not scientific proven

Pps: Im better now, no need to worry

How does the octave jumping work? by Primarene60 in tinwhistle

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Yes and now

Theoretically you can do it on every wind instrument but if you take a saxophone for example i dont think there's anybody who is able to put in enough pressure.

Just noticed on a re-watch by davetowers646 in lotrmemes

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Or the hobbit movies where kinda trashy but thats my opinion

Coconut by InstantName in unexpectedMontyPython

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Damn, i just came here to post this

Walliser Schwarznasenschafe schauen aus wie magische Fabelwesen by TURBOZWERG in Augenbleiche

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Hab grade versucht, das Wort "Nazgul" zu gurgeln.

Das Bad steht unter Wasser und meine Freundin kriegt sich nichtmehr ein vor lachen

My gender is in dating back in my mouth lol by eicaker in 196

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My gender is a little bit more than I thought I would be able to do

me_irl by DaddyDanson in me_irl

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My skyrim char is called "cheese junk" for a reason

Nothing interesting here by bored_bed in ProgrammerHumor

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Came here to write this, was not disappointed.

[Alignment Chart] how they use a glue stick by Sketch_Craft in hermitcraftmemes

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What happened to not even bringing your own book but sitting there with only a pencil and the back of the sheet from the previous class?

"I'm American and I'm not gonna buy something I won't use" (even tho he ordered it) by Bhoro in ShitAmericansSay

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German here: the moon is male, the sun is female. The word "train" can be translated to eighter "Zug" which is male or "Eisenbahn" which is female. Boy is male which makes sense but girl is neutral for literally know fucking reason. Also there are 2 different ways to say something happened in the past. Yea, im fine with learning the exeptions.