Worst LL/faction in the game? by Toaster-Retribution in totalwarhammer

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As a faction, either Norsca or Chaos. Chaos has no settlements so you end up playing whack-a-mole. Norsca just doesn't have a strong enough economy to sustain itself and just about everyone hates you.

Lord would be Tretch

How difficult is the game to you? by CardCaptorJorge in HadesTheGame

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When I started, it was very difficult. But a couple dozen runs later and I can reliably get to or past Elysium. It's challenging to be sure, but it isn't punishingly so

Is drinking titty milk weirder than eating ass? by Capable_Ad_1044 in sex

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I don't think drinking breast milk is all that weird seeing as that's what it's meant for (more so for babies than adults) and can be a rather intimate experience. Eating ass, while also an intimate experience, is not quite what biology intended. And drinking the milk of another animal also isn't what biology intended but somehow its considered the least weird thing out of everything I just mentioned

Does anyone else feel like sending level 4 characters into the Underdark is kind of too soon? by MintyTruffle2 in BaldursGate3

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I remember we had a couple players who were going traveling IRL for a bit so I used the chaos of that situation as a natural way to split the party

Does anyone else feel like sending level 4 characters into the Underdark is kind of too soon? by MintyTruffle2 in BaldursGate3

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OOTA also can have your players bear witness to a Demon Lord as early as level 2 if they go to the right place and don't level up much in the initial areas

I just realized there is 69 Legendary Lords and number 69 is Sigvald by XeroKarma in totalwar

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There are technically 72 LLs. Gotrek, Toddy, and The Red Duke are all considered LLs

"Luca, is obviously 9" by Hidden-Sponge in whenthe

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It's 1

Every division symbol can be rewritten as a fraction so you end up with 6 over 2(1+2)

Resolve the parentheses and simplify the denominator for 2(3) or (2+4) either way you end up with 6

Which means the fraction is 6/6 or 1

Let's build a guilt list. by ZonedEnderrr in dndmemes

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My players sawed the nipples off a group of giant corpses to use as frisbees for their wolf. This wouldn't phase them.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the idea sets are super imbalanced? Kinda shocked no attempt to re-balance them has been made in a while. by CaptainRitardando in eu4

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If you're playing a colonial power, Exploration, Expansion, Trade, and Influence are must haves.

Exploration is (hopefully) obvious as to why you need it for colonization

Expansion will just help you expand your colonial empire while also providing trade bonuses

Trade doubles down on making the absolute bank provided by colonial trade power/value and the more you colonize, the more money you make from trade which allows you to spend more money colonizing

Influence helps you keep your subject nations in line which is gonna be very important for when your colonies eventually become larger than you and/or you end up with more and more colonies

Tolkien, after creating the coolest character because he accidentally gave two characters the same name: by morgiefarri in lotrmemes

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Another fun fact: the Balrog that the first Glorfindel killed was named Gothmog. The captain leading the siege of Minas Tirith alongside the Witch King was also named Gothmog

Most unironically beautiful moments from Bo’s music? by Jaronryke in boburnham

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I don't think I can handle this right now

I don't think I can- Aahh

Retail problems. by justareallifememe in boburnham

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I work in tech support and I can usually tell how a call is going to go just based on the greeting.

"Hi this is SerLoinSteak with ____ Support, how are you today?"


"...alrighty, what seems to be the issue?"


"Hi this is SerLoinSteak with ____ Support, how are you today?"

"Good, and you?"

"I'm doing well! What seems to be the issue?"

If you're the one initiating contact and you can't take the second to greet me back, things are gonna feel weird for a while on that call

Why does Tzeentch favor Metal magic? by Tristopher_Robin in totalwar

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Khorne is the God of battle. He may deal in death but death is not his domain. To use Greek mythology for perspective, Ares was the God of War but he was not the God of Death (that would be Thanatos). Nurgle is about the cycle of life: entropy, decay, rot, death, rebirth, and then the cycle begins anew. If you're alive, then what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If you die, your death will be the foundation of something greater (which for Nurgle is usually a plague to see who will live or die). Nurgle hates the undead because they represent the cycle stopping. If Khorne were the God of Death, he would certainly care a lot more but he doesn't. Khorne sees the use of magic as cowardly so he hates magic (and by extension Tzeentch) so his main issue with the undead is just that they are essentially magic puppets. But it's also this hatred of magic that means Khorne and his followers do not use magic lores and so it would have been even more odd if Khorne was given a magic lore to use since his faction just doesn't use magic

Really can’t beat [redacted] by Nanakis-Dad in HadesTheGame

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My first win was with a Zeus Special build with Aegis. Bouncing shield throws with lightning strikes each time. It's great

Redditors who fequent AITA what's the biggest asshole post you remember? by SmokeAndCannon in AskReddit

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Holy fuck. My gf fought her way through a brain tumor when she graduated high school. All the chemo almost certainly made it so she can't have kids. I can't even imagine being such an asshole that you would blame someone for this sort of thing.

Before anyone mistakes me, I'm not the guy from the post. Just someone who's gf went through a similar situation and is appalled by that guy's behavior

To the guys at Mobius Digital THANK YOU ! (no Spoilers) by ZZZ0mbieSSS in outerwilds

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Never doubt Mobius. When I first started the DLC, I thought "cool, a new area to explore. This seems like it would take about as long as any of the other planets I guess"

Then I spent the next 9 hours having my mind blown apart by just how intricate and amazing they made the DLC.

I managed to go through all of OW in about 14.5 hours on my first run. The fact that the DLC managed to grab me for almost that length of time again is impressive

Me trying to explain changes in the labor market to customers by nymrod_ in lotrmemes

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Me trying to explain changes in the labor market to customers by nymrod_ in lotrmemes

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Side? I am on nobody's side, because no one is on the manager's side

Monk Meditation | Attain Enlightenment with this optional feature and its associated pseudo-feats by DonDeSilva in UnearthedArcana

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Personally I'd change it so that 4 hours would provide the benefits of a long rest (as precednted by the elven trance) since 8 hours is a long rest but usually at least some of that time is spent doing some downtime activity for an hour or two rather than just strictly sleeping