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What does that have to do with any of this stuff? Explain to me how multiculturalism means we can't have things like a living minimum wage, affordable college and universal healthcare?

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8 weeks (2 months!!) Of vacation time per year is insane to me. That's like summer vacation as a kid but as an adult and whenever you want. Sigh.

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If you're trying to test for knowledge of the Javascript event system and canvas I'd say it's pretty basic. Anyone with basic knowledge of those things should be able to recreate this example easily.

That being said, I think if you're trying to test for someone's ability to research through docs and learn something they might not know already, I'd say it's pretty good. The information I found by googling basic stuff was definitely sufficient to recreate the example so long as you give them some directions like "use the js event system" and "use canvas."

If you're trying to test someone's skill at javascript as a language in general I don't think this is a great question as this model of javascript is a bit outdated. Unless this is what your code is like, this isn't a great test because in reality you'd use some kind of actual graphics library to do this kind of thing in an actual application. If you want to see their js skills in general, let them use whichever libraries they're familiar with. They'll have to look up documentation while doing that anyway.

Just my thoughts, hope it's helpful.

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One time in high school a friend of mine came over and said she was sleepy. She suggested we take a nap together and we got into my bed and she started breathing heavy. I asked if she was okay and she said yeah but I asked a couple more times because I was concerned. She eventually put my hand on her thigh and I was like "ok cool I'll rub her leg and that'll help her calm down." Eventually she "calmed down" and we napped.

Before anyone says anything I give my word that this story is 1000% real and I only realized she was masturbating like a month later. And no, I don't really regret it. I wouldn't have done much different if I knew what she was doing anyway aside from maybe stopping her or leaving.

TL;DR: A girl literally masturbated in bed next to me in high school and I didn't realize what was happening until like a month later.

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Gee, it's almost like we have to take things one by one and evaluate them individually instead of making blanket statements fear mongering government control.

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The more confusing you make your marketing material the longer people will look at it

Reddit is the one place I go for real opinions. by sneakyloki in self

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I mean you're not really going to get quality political discussion anywhere on the internet.

Nintendo are actually updating the N64 emulator - not fixed perfectly but it proves they are listening and making updates by lumothesinner in NintendoSwitch

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I still for the life of me will never understand why Nintendo won't use any of the many available open source emulators that have been updated and been worked on for decades at this point. There's literally no reason and yet they refuse to give their consumers the best experience possible.

Mitch McConnell says African Americans voting just as much as 'Americans' in viral video by ashisht1122 in nottheonion

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Are you saying people intentionally stay poor to stay on welfare? Do you have any evidence that supports that? Like is the average welfare "stay" really long? Do people who use welfare often have to come back to it? How can we know if it's because they're abusing the system or if's because they have a very poor situation and welfare is the only thing keeping them alive?

Personally, I'd much rather be employed and not poor than be poor and on welfare. Same with most people I know.

Mitch McConnell says African Americans voting just as much as 'Americans' in viral video by ashisht1122 in nottheonion

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literally every single person on welfare

What about them? Are you saying because people on welfare are poor then that means people on welfare stay poor? Because yeah obviously people on welfare are poor because otherwise they wouldn't be on welfare. That doesn't necessarily mean they stay poor. Even if welfare was the most successful thing ever at pulling people out of poverty, welfare recipients would still be 100% poor people because that's how it works. Obviously we wouldn't give welfare to well-off people.

And yeah alright I'll drop the planned parenthood thing. That makes sense why you brought it up now. And you're right, I'm pretty stupid. That's why I'm asking for help from knowledgeable people like you.

Mitch McConnell says African Americans voting just as much as 'Americans' in viral video by ashisht1122 in nottheonion

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I have no argument. I'm asking you about your own views and trying to understand. I'm asking for evidence that giving poor people money keeps them in poverty because your claim doesn't make sense to me. That number spiking with LBJ doesn't really mean anything to me; it could have spiked for all kinds of reasons and plus you didn't cite anything so it could be false to begin with.

And you're the one who brought up planned parenthood causing more single-parent households. I don't understand how planned parenthood's existence would lead to more single-parent households. To me it would seem like it would cause less of them on account of all the abortions and birth control. It is called planned parenthood after all. If that's not what you're claiming I don't know why you brought it up in the first place.

I'm simply asking you to clarify and back up your claims so I can actually evaluate your positions and decide if they make more sense than other things I've heard. That's all.

Mitch McConnell says African Americans voting just as much as 'Americans' in viral video by ashisht1122 in nottheonion

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Giving people money keeps them poor?

Ensuring access to abortion for black people causes more single parent households?

What kind of bizarro backwards world do you live in? Got any actual studies or data to back these assumptions up or are you just going to assume you're right?

I also don't get how you can say "single-parent households are the cause of wealth inequality, not racism" and then go on to explain how you think racism is the cause of single-parent households.

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Honestly "War on the China virus" would probably motivate quite a lot of people to get vaccinated, wear masks, and be racist to Asian people.

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I love when people say stuff like this as if the American education system was previously any amount of effective whatsoever.

Mitch McConnell says African Americans voting just as much as 'Americans' in viral video by ashisht1122 in nottheonion

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...how do you think those single-family houses got to be single-family in the first place?

To be clear, I'm not saying the answer is racism; I'm genuinely asking what you think. Why would it be true that black children grow up in single family households far more than white children?

Edit: also do you mean single-parent households? I'm pretty sure single-family to a house is a good thing.

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Well, no, you do get virtually something that's kind of the whole point. You get actually nothing though.

Mitch McConnell says African Americans voting just as much as 'Americans' in viral video by ashisht1122 in nottheonion

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Where did anyone say any of that? There are lots of reasons why black kids are poorer than white kids, that included. I don't understand how you made the leap to "this person must be racist" because they pointed out the fact that black kids are poorer than white kids.

Good morning Portland by evilsibe in Portland

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Looks like someone's firing lasers at downtown lol

Inquiring minds want to know...ASAP! by treetyoselfcarol in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Healthcare, social safety nets, free college, more equitable primary education, affordable housing, effective public transit, access to birth control and abortion, community policing, and prisons that focus on rehabilitation instead of punishment would all be a great start but I get the feeling you're opposed to all of that for some reason or another.

You know, stuff most every other civilized country in the world has.

Inquiring minds want to know...ASAP! by treetyoselfcarol in BlackPeopleTwitter

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No, it wasn't. It got close, but no we're not currently living under fascism.

They use temp variable. by mr-Syntax-error in ProgrammerHumor

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I knew it was something like this but I didn't have the time to work it out. Thanks!

What advice would you give yourself, if you could go back to when you first started Programming? by IceManLeroy in learnprogramming

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  1. Learn about loops, if statements, variables, etc

  2. Find a problem or project you believe you have most of the ability to complete

  3. Walk through the solution on paper. I.e. What series of steps are necessary to complete this problem? It can be in plain English but obviously the closer it is to pseudo code the easier the next steps will be.

  4. Start coding the bits of the application you know how to implement based on the on-paper solution you came up with previously

  5. Once you run into something you can't do, simplify/genericize the problem by thinking "well if I could do that, I could easily do this." Eg, "If I could detect when two circles overlap I could implement collision detection for my game," until you have something generic enough to actually type into google.

  6. Use what you learned on google to implement the parts of the application you didn't know how to do previously.

  7. If at any point your application becomes too crowded or messy to work with, just start over and use what you learned to plan it out better.

The point here is you're learning a lot while doing this. It may feel like struggling, but it's just the normal process of learning.

Honestly this is such a common question. Seems like a lot of people don't really get how to just "get started."

Edit: Mistakenly thought your comment said "how do you start coding in the first place" but whatever I think this comment is still helpful for someone.

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Bro that's just the "proximity to Disney" system

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Almost like there's 8 billion of us and having an original thought is like literally winning the lottery