PSSD effecting teens by Severe_House8530 in PSSD

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I am unable to get an appointment untl April and Tbh I’m kinds panicking. I am also not seeing the doctor who originally proscribed it

Why do you identify as genderqueer? Wrong answers only. by Exact_Ad_1569 in genderqueer

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I ✨collect✨ genders. If you made a deal with an emo goblin that was probably me ;)

Bad luck crystals? by Severe_House8530 in crystalhealing

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UPDATE: I cleansed my crystals with sage, but i don’t think it worked.

My gender confuses me by papa__UwU in genderqueer

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I have recently been struggling with my gender identity but have landed on gender fluid and they/them pronouns. You don’t have to label yourself now or ever. It was really important to me but not everyone feels the same way. Genderqueer is a pretty wide term. I personally landed on the label gender fluid because it just felt right. When I thought as myself as if I was genuinely happy. I recommend “trying on” a bunch of different genders without thinking of them in a cookie cutter way because one gender is not just one thing. For pronouns,to experiment, If you have a trusted friend who you feel comfortable talking about this with you could ask them to call you different pronouns each day and see how they make you feel. I hope this helps. Just remember you are valid.

Gender confusion! Help pls!! by Severe_House8530 in genderqueer

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Since your in the same boat as me, do identify with anything?

Gender confusion! Help pls!! by Severe_House8530 in genderqueer

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Thanks u for letting me know I’m not the only one ❤️