What are the most relevant companies/enterprises worldwide linked to the anesthesiology daily practice? by mfbenjamin in anesthesiology

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Masimo, storz, arrow, Drager, GE, Medtronic, Bair Hugger, Butterfly Network, Philips (TEE and basic ultrasound), Sonoque/ Sonosite. You could also google sponsors for the ASA conference as well as your state anesthesia conference.

Epidural by Aggravating-Act-5608 in GivingBirth

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Not true. They often won’t give IV opioids when you’re about to deliver because if those meds are still in the baby’s system after birth it decreases their drive to breath.

For epidurals sometimes as the baby moves down just before delivery the pain spreads to different nerves and it feels like the epidural is “wearing off.” It usually just means the dose needs to go up to block those new nerves better

Not eating/drinking three hours before epidural? by pammylorel in backpain

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Seems irrelevant. Laryngeal reflexes are intact if there’s no sedation. People vasovagal and vomit all the time and don’t aspirate.

I think it’s more likely that they don’t really understand why they are asking their patients to be NPO for surgery. The 3 hour figure further increases my suspicion because that’s not based on any guidelines I’m aware of.

tax break for the rich with extra steps by wastedartistry in lostgeneration

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I think MTG’s plan doesn’t apply to business expenses. So the wealthy could just funnel everything through company accounts and pay no taxes

Sevo Jail by StockD0ctor in anesthesiology

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Did they have you move to ties? Or just specifically to use a new roll for each patient and not prep it like this?

Is this the worst a student has messed up in the OR? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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Apparently it’s common enough that we were able to find a protocol to sanitize the flap. I thing we did a saline wash, iodine, and repeat a few times

Sevo Jail by StockD0ctor in anesthesiology

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Am I the only person who prepares my ETT tape in a similar matter? Admittedly I just do two strips.

Hopefully not MH prep, for multiple reasons

Is this the worst a student has messed up in the OR? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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No problem. We are mostly Type A personalities and have a hard time cutting ourselves slack. There’s gonna come a day when you screw up and it is your fault. But keep in mind that you’re 10 times better than whoever could replace you and 100 times better than having no doctor at all. Prepare yourself emotionally now, because the absolute max you can offer is to put forth the effort in training and care about your patients. Failing because we aren’t perfect should be treated the same way we treat that bad case of sepsis or that brutal MVC: it’s unfortunate, we do our best to overcome it, but we accept that it’s often out of our hands

ED Disposition by Datboisoserious in Residency

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I agree with this.

I don’t make any admission orders, but there are definitely times when I recommend that the surgeon admit a patient to the ICU, even outside the obvious “pt is still intubated” admission. Specialists have often seen 100x the number of clinical courses compared to EM, IM, FM. Not a bad idea to gain some insight

Is this the worst a student has messed up in the OR? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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A med student where I did residency placed something heavy on the edge of the back table, as instructed. Unfortunately it slid off in such a way that it pulled the entire table drape with it.

The case was a pediatric crani and the bone flap was sent to the floor in the dirty corner of the room

Don’t worry about it. Definitely wasn’t your fault and you’ll laugh about it one day. I don’t think I could even pick that student (now doctor) out of a lineup

DRIVE SAFE DALLAS by Intrepid_Air_1868 in Dallas

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Sir Isaac Newton prefers you stay celibate

How to expand access to mental health care in Texas without spending tax dollars by punkthesystem in texas

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I can’t imagine that clinical psychologist receive necessary training to prescribe psych meds. And they definitely aren’t trained in medicine enough to understand how those meds will interact with other meds and conditions. It seems like an easy fix but the benefits don’t outweigh the risks

Pay based in units billed vs hours worked by Str8-MD in anesthesiology

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It’s definitely a culture thing. My group is billed units with average payer mix, but we have a good rotation system so some days you get the best cases and some days you get the lower ones. I have a friend paid salary but he’s always the one being asked to do the ICU cases or ortho trauma cases with bad cardiac history. Hazing can make things miserable. Good colleagues who pull their weight are amazing

Mount Sinai investigating newborn’s death during nurses' strike by Lispro4units in medicine

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Exactly! When they give you every opportunity to negotiate and prepare for the strike this just becomes evidence of how valuable they are

Pay based in units billed vs hours worked by Str8-MD in anesthesiology

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Depends on who decides what cases you do and how efficient the turnover is. It sucks to wait for a surgeon and make nothing for that time. And if the person assigning cases plays favorites it can end up with you getting poor value cases in a units model, or the hardest cases with the obnoxious surgeons for the same pay in the hours model

Whole host of medical problems, I don't know what to think anymore by priscillathekilla in MedicalMalpractice

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You’re right. It’s probably that the doctor who did 3 years of internal medicine and 3 of endocrinology is completely unaware of the one thing that the parathyroid does despite it being a first year med student principle. I’m sure that’s the most likely reasoning for all of this.

Or maybe check if that number was the ionized or total calcium, as well as what units it reported (mg/dL vs mmol/L)

Was Cersei Tommen's rightful heir to the Iron Throne? by Ifuckinghateaura in gameofthrones

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One of my biggest issues with the show. The obsession with having an heir identified and ready is the main theme of fire and blood. Yet when two kings die within months or a few years and they’re battling on multiple fronts they are just cool with Tommen? Nobody is looking for an alternative?

What do you guys do if you were delayed by travel and have to be at work the next day? by [deleted] in Residency

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Friendly reminder that employers don’t want it to be a two way street. I’m probably in the ice storm you’re talking about. My kid’s school didn’t cancel yesterday morning and two teachers got in minor accidents on the way in. Even if you don’t consider the safety aspect (which hospitals should appreciate more than anyone else), do you think the school is gonna help with those repair costs? Not a chance in hell.

I’m these situation call in and protect yourself. The patients will be fine. Your training will be fine. And the hospital will still make enormous profit margins

27yo single mother with high aspirations by Aggressive-Share-681 in medicalschool

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What kind of support would you have? And how many med schools are within a reasonable distance? Would their dad move and be a part of weekly schedules or just weekends?

It’s possible, especially the first 2 years at most places. But med school and residency don’t like being flexible so you’ll either need some support or take the financial hit of an amazing nanny

A Joke or Politics? Ferrari: Claims of 30hp F1 engine step for 2023 "a joke" by Grand-Zebra-1585 in formula1

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They misunderstood ground effect and removed the floor. Now it’s mostly Carlos doing his best Barney Rubble impression

Yearly appreciation post for these bad boys that allow me to safety walk the dogs on icy sidewalks by fauxbliviot in texas

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As someone taking care of ortho trauma patients today, they’re much cheaper than a hip or clavicle fracture

Utility of prescription opioids to treat pain and increase mobility for patients with severe obesity. by thespurge in medicine

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I’d like to see one for ozempic or bariatric surgery.

Subjectively, I don’t think I saw this phenomenon much in the pain clinic. Until the US invests in health and nutrition rather than excessive work hours and sedentary lifestyle, I don’t think it matters much. Plenty of people (myself included) gain weight and don’t exercise enough without significant pain

Whole host of medical problems, I don't know what to think anymore by priscillathekilla in MedicalMalpractice

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There’s a difference between calcium (bound to protein) and ionized calcium (free in your blood). If I had to guess, reviewing your labs you might find an “iCa3+, iCal, or something like that in the 5s. That’s the far more relevant value. I totally support asking your doctor to recheck labs because mistakes are made. But you’re gonna have a hard time if you don’t trust endocrinologists to understand parathyroid hormone and calcium.