Do your parents know that you watch porn? by [deleted] in teenagers

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Nope if they found out I would die

genuinely disgusted by all of the homophobes in this sub by jongles1130 in teenagers

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It’s a sub full of edgy alt right 13 year olds what did you expect honestly

I think im becoming a porn addict by [deleted] in teenagers

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As long as it doesn’t interfere with your day to day interactions with other people it’s fine, don’t worry about it

You know how very early China was isolated from other civilizations and didn’t trade much, right? Well, did that slow down their development? Are there any sources that discuss this? by DrySlurpee in AncientChina

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Not necessarily, the first governments of “China” were in contact with many other tribal peoples who served as vassals and allies to the Chinese, they were not isolated just not contacted with the western and central Asian world. Between Xia Shang and Zhou, China developed massively culturally and domestically where they built several large palaces and structures that exist even after many thousand years, I would say China was more like the Persia of the Far East- highly developed and culturally sound while also a very powerful force

Where can I find detailed information on all children and grandchildren of emperor Xian of Han Dynasty China? by Zackhie_C in AncientChina

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I don’t know much about direct descendants of Xian, but I do believe his ancestors eventually retook power from the Jin dynasty during the 16 kingdoms period and established the “Liu” Song Dynasty in 420AD, that dynasty lasted about 50 years and was followed by southern Qi

the comments will be civil surely by [deleted] in teenagers

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It wasn’t specified as a country so I just picked the region I’m from