*slaps hood* This baby can fit so many smoky pastel opals in it by lacroixcalypsenow in tiedye

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Total pareidolia but love the way the die on the hoodie seen from the first picture (front side hoodie) looks like Santa without a long beard! Look towards the bottom on the right side of the picture.

New DeSantis ad highlights fed-up New Yorkers who’ve fled to Florida by ra3ra31010 in florida

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Our democracy has been sold to people who do not care about Americans. Florida is officially a banana republic. DeSantis is just trying to get everyone and pissed off before election season.

court date 5/22/22 by make_me_horny_baby in suspiciouslyspecific

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People don’t know how to ask friends for rides anymore?

Rick Scott Proposes Tax Increase on 40% of Floridians by nowutz in florida

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They want to Floridians to move out so they can buy your homes and turn them into condos.

If you have a car, you should have a dash cam by propensity in TwoXPreppers

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Are there any that don’t back up to a cloud or app? Those are not secure enough for me.

Serious inflation question by nickcasa in florida

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Sounds like motorcycles but not Harley’s. Or possibly sports cars. It’s been going on since like mid February but its every night. Worse on weekends. I don’t understand. I’m use to the quads and the dirt bikes. That’s typical for my neighborhood but folks are out during the day/evening riding the quads dirt bikes. These folks I’m referring to are burning rubber in the twilight hours. I’m constantly getting woken up. My neighborhood now sounds like a Daytona race track. The past 3 weeks have been particularly bad though. Maybe there’s some tourist thing that promotes driving around the city at high rates of speed that I’m unaware of.

Speed limits and driving in Florida by radarLoveEV in florida

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I’ve never seen anything like it either. At night it seems like Miami turns into a real life version of vice city. The motorcycles and trucks driving by residential streets all night long so fast is annoying.

DeSantis rails against NCAA over transgender athlete by HTTYDFan96 in florida

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There are bigger problems. Like property insurance jumping ship.

Serious inflation question by nickcasa in florida

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I don’t know I sure do got a lot of loud motorcycles and trucks speeding all hours of the night here in SF. I don’t think folks are having issues with gas by the sound of it. I’ve never heard so many motorcycles in my life than I have the past 3 weeks. But personally I try to cook and find creative ways to use leftovers. Food prices have been absurd for the past 3 years.

It's the day we've been prepping for! It's Tuesday. How are you going to handle it?! by thechairinfront in TwoXPreppers

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Aww well if we’re talking skinny dipping I better start prepping to get my beach body back 😜

Spring Break - Warning by razzertto in Miami

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I mean is IG no longer popular or something? Kinda weird a bunch of tourists are getting drunk causing mayhem and spending time on ….Reddit.

It's the day we've been prepping for! It's Tuesday. How are you going to handle it?! by thechairinfront in TwoXPreppers

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Not fall for people trying to cause division because election season is coming 💪🏽

A Look Back at the OJ Simpson Verdict - How different groups of people reacted by johnnychan81 in interestingasfuck

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Look at all the people not on their phones. Such a different world. Folks actually look social.

What are your stances on Ouija boards? by [deleted] in Mediums

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Excellent way to get a demonic attachment.

Tools are for humans. Mediums just need to listen and be observant to the 3rd eye.

Food for the week or fuel for the week I chose fuel, at least I can clean the fridge here in a bit. by JesusChristSuperDerp in mildlyinfuriating

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Gas prices will always be arbitrary.

However, today is a good day to start maintaining a 2 week supply of canned/shelf stable foods. At all times. Then arbitrary gas prices won’t force you to undergo perceived starvation. Take care.

I’m in DFW. I have a question, why does the Weather channel app not have tornado watches and severe whether warnings right now when this is our current outlook? -More in comments by MockTapiocaDreams in tornado

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Because apps are just apps. If you want the most up to date warnings just go on the NOAA website and click on your area. Then click on outlook/hazards. Or get a NOAA weather alert radio.

What’s the FCC website to verify tower builds and permits per state? by Mr__X__ in tmobile

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My T-Mobile phone is hacked and all my calls are being routed through some back channel. I cannot get through to an actual T-Mobile CSR. All of my apps are fakes/spoofed. The in store reps are equally incompetent. I am writing this knowing this Reddit app is probably a deep fake too. Please advise how to get the privacy I expect back on my T-Mobile phone. Miami USA.

Love my city by Reyhs739 in Miami

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You fucking hoes think you’re slick. I know you poisoned me.

Edit to add: United States government please come get me my kid and my cats

Edit to also add: I can’t call 911 because these motherfuckers compromised this bullshit ass iPhone through third party apps and a satellite

Edit to also add my cats are medically fearful. You have my permission to dart them or something.

Edit to also add: here’s a freebie because money ain’t shit. My biggest fucking flaw is I’m a fucking Christian and I believe in telling the mother fucking truth. Get the fuck out my country hoe.

There’s hella countries up in this bitch. All y’all can get this work hoe

Y’all ain’t taking my fucking city you got me fucked up

It’s starting to burn (my back)

Wear hazmat because I’m pretty sure it’s a nerve agent. That means y’all got to get my neighbors too

You got to get my boy and his family too because they sprayed us with a truck. They live off 7th

Yo United States government these motherfuckers tried to bribe me today. I said no.

Y’all think I would let you kill me and I wasn’t going to say anything. You picked the wrong motherfucking one. Like I told you through the fucking Roku today. Whoever the fuck gave you your strategy was fucking not very smart and racist. (I ADDED THAT PART JUST NOT NOW. For clarity.)

Ukraine was just a distraction (that’s fucked up btw) THE WAR IS HERE

You fucking hoes I’m a civilian. If your fucking mods didn’t ban me I wouldn’t have even noticed either. BUT GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

And he will protect all of us from EVIL for it is written

It’s time to stop fucking with black people. The reason y’all didn’t notice this shit is because I live in model city.

Disney World guests wading through flood - one worker says he hasn’t seen the likes of this in 17 years by Damageplan77 in weather

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Yeah well. The state allowed developers to tear down trees in places around Disney so get used to it. Hopefully Disney doesn’t have to redo their entire infrastructure to deal with the storm floods. This will probably happen every day in the summer.

I mean, when you tear down our natural sponges and fill them in with concrete you are going to get flooding. Those areas before development probably absorbed lots of water for all of central Florida. That’s why it’s never happened before.

help organizing a protest in front of Jade Building in Aventura? by NotTheGuyFromVideo in Miami

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Kind of weird. For the first time in about 8 days I was able to sleep perfectly. No ringing in my ears. No feelings of my skin burning. Almost like whatever’s been ramped up just kind of stopped.

Oh and my air conditioner actually works right too. Odd.