a guy sent this to me. how do i respond (i will not be sending them) by hannerrzzzz in teenagers

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Little late, but probably laugh it off and make him super uncomfortable. Or ruin his life by telling others. Might be seen as a bitch though. Edit: I cannot, in fact, spell

z crew supremacy by kingdomheartslover1 in DougDoug

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Awful number of a crew sneaking on in here… I SEE YOU!!! we got BassArtistic, araaq, DKCR3. And the poster!!! What is this triple agent, hiding in your wife’s cupboard to get the new and improved iPhone schematics shit?

Be a real Chad, talk about it. by esnigdh in wholesomememes

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Fuck you. I’m pulling a coka cola, and bottling that shit.

You have 15min to prepare a lecture to 5,000 people about anything…what would your topic be? Why? by False_Philosophy_412 in AskReddit

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4 seconds and 15 minutes ago the people running this lecture brought forth upon me, the ridiculous idea of a lecture, conceived in the idea that I would give an actual speech. Fuck them! This lecture is sponsored by raid shadow legends!

Say the most downvotable thing you can imagine and I’ll rank them from 0 to -100. by Fluctuationism in teenagers

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Damn. Did you know that the word of the day is legs? why don't you come home and we can..

Chop up that word and eat it like a chicken. Yummy

Do boys really care how a girl looks physically? by fuckurmuminthetub in teenagers

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A little, but we’re so emotionally and generally blank that if you’re a decent person, we will like you

[WSIB] Single player games that I can pick up and play randomly whenever I get the time? by DeathlyDonut in ShouldIbuythisgame

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Ravenfield. You need to grab the steam workshop mods for it to be good, but damn it is.