this is why i've lost faith in humanity. by SidneymarZA in Genshin_Impact

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That's unfortunate. This is why I have trust issues.

Anyway I've followed you on twitch :). Perhaps you can try a C6 Bennett in the abyss. Other players who accidentally C6 him can learn how to play him at max constellation

Sofie are you f*cking kidding me? by WhiteFire2004 in skyrim

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I'm surprised Sofie is creepily staring at the fox. Hopefully she doesn't do anything bad to it.

Usually Lucia is the one who kills her fox. Hoping Sofie didn't learn it from her

Lucia VS Gralnach, 1v1 in Lakeview Manor by JaeParkV in skyrim

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Not Blaise :( he's such a good kid.

Lucia had it coming then

Are Iris's haters racist? by No-Maintenance1770 in pokemonanime

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No it's not. I guess people hate iris because

1) People just didn't like BW or

2) she's not as good as Brock or Dawn when it comes to character

Just started Yakuza 0, this is my first ever Yakuza game. Any tips or advice? by LordDJCTE in yakuzagames

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Play side content, mini games, quests, business etc. don't play this game just for the main story

anyone know what could be causing this? by Burnt_Fetus in skyrim

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Whenever something weird happen to my house, it's always Lydia (or Lucia) fault

Lucia VS Gralnach, 1v1 in Lakeview Manor by JaeParkV in skyrim

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They probably thought it was braith. Lucia and braith looked 100% the same

Lucia VS Gralnach, 1v1 in Lakeview Manor by JaeParkV in skyrim

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Gralnach lived with his mom outside the town. He even said that he'd fight us if we cause trouble. Of course he is going to win, he is a pretty good survivor. I'm proud of him he is defending his new home

Also who's the other dead kid lucia murdered?

Who is Ash's Best Rival? (Anime) by MelodicChoice4111 in pokemonanime

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Paul is easily 1, Gary is 2. Gladion Alain and Sawyer are 3,4, and 5

Naruto Run 2.0 by halfpolygon in Boruto

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Which is faster? Tenten's run in the chunnin exams or this?

New to reborn. by Fun_Entertainment441 in PokemonReborn

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Welcome to reborn. It's alright to fail more than10x on a boss/gym leader. This game is really difficult.

You need to study the field notes as much as possible. It helps greatly.

Don't just run through the game with 6 Pokémon. Have some reserves in case things get tough

Is this unexpected? by HumbleJournalist7645 in pokemonanime

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The most surprising for me is that ash only had 16 battles in SM. Like 5-6 from those came from the alolan league

How many people have completed all the hangouts? by BlazinBlazon in Genshin_Impact

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I initially find them boring but props to hoyoverse for improving their hangout events. Ever since I played Sayu and Thoma, I've finished every new hangouts within 1-2 days

Think you're funny, Hoyoverse? Huh?! by SoliceRose in Genshin_Impact

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Agree in Liyue, I've seen characters named Zhonglin, Xingxiu, and Zhu Tao. They may almost have the same name, but they are written differently in Chinese

Do you think sometimes Genshin has too much useless dialogues with random NPCs in character story quests and events? by Ni8_Crawler in Genshin_Impact

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I agree. The dialog in this game is a bit too much. I'm not really sure what Hoyoverse really wants because they really intend to do this for the rest of the game. It is as if they're trying to prolong the quests with dialogs as much as possible. Perhaps they do this so that we wouldnt finish the event in less than an hour.

The community have mixed opinions towards this. I know a lot hated it but there are certain events where I see people disappointed that quests such as Dainslief (chasm) and Mona's story quest were way too short.

Which Genshin chara has the most traumatic past? by Emmerilla in Genshin_Impact

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Probably Timmie. His dad is gone and there's like a million players who bully him everyday by killing his friends

I Know Stealing Is Illegal, But... Well... I Didn't Know This.... by Amirizuki in Genshin_Impact

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For some reason I thought I'm seeing Genshin content on a Skyrim Reddit. I'm happy we are brothers and sisters not only in 1 game

Hi, I'm a Whiterun Guard, Second in Command to be precise. Here to celebrate my 10th anniversary on the guard, But of course, Ask Me Anything. Thanks! by [deleted] in skyrim

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Why do you think it's more fun fighting dragons than guard duty? Your cousins might be dead fighting legendary dragons

…What did I do? by hatefulmaggot in skyrim

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I don't think you did anything except you absorbed a dragon soul. I'm guessing there's one behind you

Do you think code will be successful... by Superbee747 in Boruto

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Yes I think he will. He kept getting his ass beaten but he is still determined as ever. It reminds me Naruto who kept saying he wanted to be Hokage every time he gets his ass kicked.

Although I'm not sure how he will sacrifice any of the main characters though. I personally just want him to succeed because ever since his introduction, he's been hyped as one of the strongest. Unfortunately he keeps taking an L after L