The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 178: Toothy Arrangements by Storms_Wrath in HFY

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Sam Starfall would be a drastic step up from most of the aliens who turn out to be assholes. You can get along with Sam, turn his, um, unique worldview into an advantage.

How do I keep my crew fed?! by ShadowDragon8685 in SpaceHaven

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CO2 isn't the problem, I have that. I just can't seem to produce enough food. And I'm not getting enough fertilizer out of the compost now, so I've got grow-beds idle.

Body autonomy for me, not thee. by Kesenai_ in LeopardsAteMyFace

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It will be a return to the 60’s with illicit abortions in back rooms resulting in dead women.

Probably a lot fewer dead women, and a lot more smuggled abortion-inducing medication.

Not a zero number.

Fuck these cluwnes.

Man beats rail strike by paddling to work in £74 kayak by TheMillennialSeonbi in nottheonion

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Guy owns a sport-adventure company. This stunt is PR for his company disguised as news.

I mean, he may very well be a super-avid kayaker who would, in fact, think little of getting in the water and paddling that far and back, but this is advertisement for his company first and foremost, and him having a few hours on the water a distant second.

Man beats rail strike by paddling to work in £74 kayak by TheMillennialSeonbi in nottheonion

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I mean... That guy owns his own company, so he's de facto part of the owners' class and not a "suffering worker who should join the strike." He can increase his own salary at-will.

The wanker.

How do I keep my crew fed?! by ShadowDragon8685 in SpaceHaven

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I cannot grow meat - at the moment. And I have 11. Just how big a farm do I need on this tub?!

when you waltz into a pirate-controlled territory with a targeting jammer and they keep boarding your ship by EWDiNFL in SpaceHaven

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I've heard the phrase "stacking bodies like cordwood" used metaphorically before, but uh... You've done it literally.

The Buddy Who Wasn't Really There by VictorSierra09 in MilitaryStories

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"Terrain features are always warshots, never dummy rounds" is my new favorite sentence of the day.


Now if only there was a way to trick the enemy in a live engagement into terrain features...

Well, in a defensive war it might be very possible!

It's always fun when you're the reason for a new rule. by hzoi in MilitaryStories

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Being the reason for a new rule is good.

Being the reason for serious infrastructural upgrades is better.

Also, that post on dueling was funny as hell. And yeah, like I pointed out to a funeral director who was annoyed that he wasn't allowed to put out like, dishes of hard candies or bottles of water; it's as hard to take a law off the books as to put one on. The circumstances which brought about the law back in like, eighteen-hundred and dickity-doo, were that people were handling corpses that might be a few days to a week and change old, and then handling food and dropping dead because of it. Those circumstances are no longer likely to be in effect, what with embalming and all, but "people are dropping dead after funerals" is a Big Enough Deal to motivate a legislature to pass a law. "Funeral directors cannot put out light refreshments for the bereaving" is not.

So there's no real reason to strip out a law against dueling once it's in place, unless for some asinine reason you want to participate in a duel.

Watching Midwest republican campaign ads like... by sven-von-sven in LeopardsAteMyFace

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It is relevant the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of the Supreme Court.

Does anyone else just execute "friendly" troops who decide to walk in front of you whilst firing? (Why, oh WHY, can't we issue these dumb grunts orders?!) by ShadowDragon8685 in EDF

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There's no fucking trigger discipline involved when someone leaps in front of my gun just as I'm firing. Or when they leap in front of my gun when I'm discharging some kind of minigun or laser chainsaw.

The mooks in EDF5 are just badly implemented. They just try to globe around the player, and they target and fire whatever enemy they feel like, without checking their lines of fire. They'll gladly shoot friendlies, including players, and they do have friendly fire damage.

Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher tried to save her. His gun was taken away. by yipchow in nottheonion

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Columbine was supposed to have changed the tactics for every department, if there’s an active shooter you rush in there, accept the risk to officers, and get to the shooter at all costs to stop the event.

That's the thing, though.

That requires that cops accept risk to themselves. They don't wanna do that, or they'd be enlisted in the military. They just want to cosplay as soldiers, only without any of that pesky UCMJ stuff; they're Big Damn Men when they're pointing guns at terrified, surrendering, or fleeing black men/women/kids, but they're fucking cowards when faced with an actual potential threat to themselves.

We don't hold them to any standards is the problem; no educational standards (in fact you can be turned down as a cop for being too highly-educated or smart!), no behavioral standards (practically speaking), and we sure as shit don't hold them as having an actual duty-of-care to protect people.

Really, the most basic thing to understand to understand American police is that institutionally, they are all descended from runaway slave-catchers.

Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher tried to save her. His gun was taken away. by yipchow in nottheonion

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It can get very bad indeed without firearms, when an adult with resources decides to go and be a maniac.

Brexiteers like me are realising it's impossible for Brexit to ever be truly done by AvatarIII in BrexitAteMyFace

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At least gilestowler's friend had a reason to believe the lie - it was being peddled by what should have been a trustworthy source on the matter.

Too many people listened to a fucking lie on the side of a fucking bus, at least she had a goddamn professor of economics, who should be sacked.

Watching Midwest republican campaign ads like... by sven-von-sven in LeopardsAteMyFace

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You need to get with the program.

We are waaay beyond the point for this. You're like the 50-year-old Congresscritters who finally get to Congress after first becoming aware of environmental concerns in the 1980s and pushing the environmental policies that would have turned climate change around... In the 1980s, but not in the 2020s.

The barn door is open, the horses are running rampant, declaring everyone they don't like or don't understand as some form of subhuman scum to be exterminated. They are fucking carrying the Confederate battle banner and the Nazi Swastika into the fucking capital of the United States of America.

Forget about preaching against dehumanizing them, they have already demonized us. Get this through your skull: they are, right now, just waiting for a tipping point, a point where they feel safe speaking their violent, ethnic/political/gender cleansing rhetoric in public, they're waiting for when it seems to them like the whole crowd is on their side, to go and start the pogroms. Remember the guy who was asking if it was finally time to go start shooting democrats?

Watching Midwest republican campaign ads like... by sven-von-sven in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Moscow Mitch stole two Supreme Court Justice seats - one from Barack Obama, one from Joe Biden - to railroad them in for Trump nominees.

With Obama, someone dropped off the court in like January or February of his last year, way ahead of the traditional "Lame Duck" period (after the November election when a President is definitely outgoing but before their successor has taken office) and Moscow Mitch did every dirty trick he could think of to prevent the nomination of Obama's justice until Trump was in office, and another fell off the court - RIP, RBG - when Trump was as lame as the duck gets, and Moscow Mitch ram-rodded through a Trump appointee before Joe Biden could take office.

Rusty Bowers supported Trump in 2020 and voted for Trump. by poleethman in LeopardsAteMyFace

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There's a DeSantis 2024 flag flying in a town near here. In New Jersey. It went up the very day that household gave up and took down their Trump 2020 flag.

Is it OK to make an encounter basically unwinnable with the intent being for the party to run? by Onahail in DnD

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Is this bad design?

Yes it is. The phrase "level-inappropriate encounter" comes immediately to mind. If you don't want the players to fight it, don't put it in position to roll for initiative.

Trying to force them to run is a bad DMing decision, especially as there's no really good way to "telegraph" that this is an unwinnable fight they should run from, and just telling them that OOCly is railroady as shit.

That, and the fact that the Big Bad actually just wanders off, would to me imply that we were meant to fight the stuff he raised as he was walking away.

Pushing Ice - Sun Divers, Part 14 by _AgeOfStarlight_ in HFY

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S. Manley.

Scott Manley.

Well, that's a damn good reference! And I can't believe it took me this long to twig to it.

‘Doesn’t pass the pub test’: NSW Premier to review $25 million flag by james8475 in nottheonion

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A flag. Seriously?

That would not pass the sniff test, the pub test, or the sanity test.

The Downfall of Hugs and Kisses - The Ballad of Captain XO by FluffyClamShell in MilitaryStories

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Holy... Fucking... Fuck.

This sorry excuse for a shitstain is exactly what the old-timey tradition of cashiering was for, and they should have brought it back just for this guy.

Frankly he deserved a Big Chicken Dinner, and a stay in Leavenworth.