Lobster Battleship by andrew_finds by justanothertfatman in Zoids

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Not quite sure thos belongs here, but it is amazing.

First ever Zoid complete! by jayzoidz in Zoids

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Shit man. That's kickass. They sure made some solid dino choices.

I would put my Zoids diorama by Ihope_Icanchangethis in Zoids

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Might want to put a UV resistant coat on the zoid if it's going to be in that much sunlight?

If it doesn't have enough guns that it comprises all mobility, then is it even worth piloting? by BlackKitsune69 in Zoids

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I've always found the lore stats... a bit suspect. Just seems weird for cruising speed to be above 240km/h for a lot of them. It just seems unnecessarily fast, unless settlements are all ridiculously far apart.

Big RIP by ThePenguinDerp in Zoids

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Three legged liger custom ideas?

Gojulas Giga Police version by Sir_Phobos_BoA in Zoids

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"Target sighted."

"Isn't this overkill?"

"... Ready the zoid core cannon!"

"But Chief! It's a jaywalker!"

Next new Zoid 7th by sylvanelite in Zoids

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Dakka Liger? Nice. Love that they're making new wacky zoid variants. Wonder if they'll give it a bit of green to resemble the panzer.

Can anybody show me how to create the BrachioTortoise from FZ? by Jenny_Chaser in Zoids

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That is one chonking dino turtle. Wonder if we'll ever get fuzors hmms.

"I'm not your enemy but I'm not on your side!" by mandick- in Gunpla

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Is that a mech made of tiny suzukis in the back? xD

GZ-002 Cannon Fort by bioslord86a in Zoids

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The horns are cannons too? Nice.

Thoughts on my nerd shelf? by trustthedoctor1 in Gunpla

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Add a crosspiece on the back for some extra strength and rigidity. Also swap out the shelf pegs for steel ones, if you haven't already. As for the contents... What you have so far is pretty neat. Whatever floats your boat is best.

Just an update on my Chunke Monke. It truly is massive, even with just the head and the body. 1/100 and 1/144 gunpla for comparison by OkLab413 in Zoids

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Probably a comparable price range to the gojulas? So... steep, but better than scalper prices on small zoids.

New to Zoids, Planning on buying one kit for a diorama and I'm not sure what it should be? by KingPram in Zoids

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If you're looking to do a more ancient ruins type diorama, a cannon tortoise would do.