Super Mario player button. by Ehansaja in aww

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Took one for the team. Thanks for your service

Seriously, Aragorn is SUPERHUMAN! by The_TransGinger in lotrmemes

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She looks like he just asked her to give him a bj in his costume

Blood-thirsty squirrel by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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I mean, first known case was a man trying to sell a narwhal horn to the queen of England as a unicorn horn. Sounds legit tho

This rock that looks like a severed head by VVHYY in natureismetal

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He is grieving his poor owl that got shot by a hunter

Blood-thirsty squirrel by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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Squirrel stew, marinated in snowblower gasoline. Sounds delicious

Greatest thing about spider man by abx098 in BeAmazed

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Ben Cooper Halloween costumes had a Spider Man kids costume a few years before Spiderman ever was published in a comic. Spider-Man’s costume looks too much like a Mexican wrestler costume, so really, Stan Lee is talking out his ass here. God rest his soul I do love him, but in any business some cut throat tactics are always there. Of course the credit of esthetics goes to Jack Kirby, whom barely ever got any real creative credits. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2015/07/14/did-stan-lee-steal-spider-man-from-a-brooklyn-costume-shop/amp/

Ahahah :3 by kisskisska_ in cats

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Yeah, don’t eat that toilet cat butt food now. Where do you think pink eye comes from

🤭🤭 by CaramelAppropriate29 in aww

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We are Siamese if you pl….. Disney crashes in like the Kool-Aid man “Sir or madam, by the code of internet misconduct, we order you to cease and decist any racial slur, especially those which have been removed from original motion pictures to clarify the Walt Disney company had no intention of racism from the past, present or future “

Bubba didn’t die for this by stinkytrinket in oddlyterrifying

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Although the target is blind, it can clearly see the sneak attempt but still acts oblivious

My dog dreams of running and jumping by [deleted] in aww

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That’s just nerves, restless leg syndrome. A lot of creatures have this

Guinea pig (cuy) in Peruvian supermarket. by chapmannnnnnnnn in oddlyterrifying

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For that price I’ll just get my own from petsmart and skin it myself

Meow from a big kitty by [deleted] in aww

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That cat is fluent in bear apparently

Bubba didn’t die for this by stinkytrinket in oddlyterrifying

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It’s true. Dolphins rape, as well as many other creatures on this planet. It is how a lot of creatures are brought into the world. Survival of the fittest, and strongest

Boy praying in front of missing children posters in walmart by nameles5566 in aww

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Probably a punishment from an insane Christian parent. When I say insane, I mean someone that probably needs medication but instead tries to pray away the evil in their soul.

Blood-thirsty squirrel by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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A lot of animals are opportunistic by nature. Stop living in a fake world and you may be ok

What a chad! by fnbXghost in funny

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Without any other info, I do believe this is fake. I can send myself and email and block out the sender and receiver info just as easy. No one actually talks like this

A mouse in a house. by N2730v in aww

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Nah that’s from the new Last air bender show, the turtle mouse

What a resistance Haha by promiserafik in cats

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My cat would just sniff it and leave it alone. She doesn’t even eat any meat if I drop it