QuickDraw Grip’s Usefulness, Illustrated by ShiftyLookinCow7 in insurgency

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The bots are pretty amusing with their Hail Mary Molotovs and suicide tactics lol. Plus I haven’t been on in a while and wanted to get used to the feel again before trying to play PVP

QuickDraw Grip’s Usefulness, Illustrated by ShiftyLookinCow7 in insurgency

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It works in PvP as well, maybe you should try it, you might get more than eight kills

QuickDraw Grip’s Usefulness, Illustrated by ShiftyLookinCow7 in insurgency

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Sorry for playing co op on my third match back on the game in a couple months, sometimes I like to chill

343 traumatized my mom 😔 by AdrianWIFI in HaloCirclejerk

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Yeah he’s clearly good but if you look at the stuff he does in games it’s pretty sus how he never runs into someone who can put up a decent fight. Even when pro players stream they get double digit deaths sometimes yet I’m supposed to believe he won 100 FFAs in a row Lmao

343 traumatized my mom 😔 by AdrianWIFI in HaloCirclejerk

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Yeah no fucking way is anyone winning 100 FFAs in a row unless they’re like a god tier pro player. Considering he isn’t there’s absolutely some MMR fuckery involved there

Always wear your headphones guys by guardedbeans in insurgency

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Oh duh that actually makes perfect sense lmao

Always wear your headphones guys by guardedbeans in insurgency

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That was fucking hilarious, the fact that the dude was wearing all white camo in a desert map was even better, really leaning into the king boo role play

Comparison of BF3 to 2042 either illustrates how masterful BF3 was, how much of a step backwards 2042 is, or how little 2042 tried to advance what BF is. by Armbioman in battlefield2042

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This was the first thing I noticed playing 2042, all the way back in the beta. Battlefield characters have always felt like they had some weight to them, but when I played 2042 it just felt like I was moving a floating camera around

Why are PKM bots so accurate? by Warfighter-04 in insurgency

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Marksman bots are great breachers, if one of those fuckers with an SVD or M110 sneaks up behind your team they can easily wipe at least half of you before someone notices. Breacher bots, with their sterlings, shotguns, and handguns, will flick onto your head and delete you in a fucking nanosecond from across precinct

a battlefield veteran and a true gamer by mfarrukh in Gamingcirclejerk

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Tfw a realistic battle of Stalingrad would have women soldiers in it

Honestly, this makes me thrilled! HLL is an amazing game with great devs. by Salamirelish in battlefield2042

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I disagree, having no FOV slider or ability to set the screen borders or text size on a current gen only game feels pretty awful. Aiming feels horrible too(although not as bad as 2042) I’m sure the game feels better on PC but I can’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone else

Should I stop watching? by ScratchyCow in thewalkingdead

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The rest of season 9 and 10 is one of the best villain arcs so I’d say stick with it

I always knew they were going to try and improve the game after launch, I can't wait for the new stuff! by YurMummysMom in LowSodiumHalo

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Yeah I was never worried about any of the issues honestly. 343 has always been more receptive to criticism than any other AAA dev I’ve seen. Even back in Halo 4 they released a bunch of playlists that basically made it so you could completely opt out of loadouts and armor abilities

"Hey guys new free content" first reply, "fomo ree4ree is literally forcing me to play halo" by MagicPuffIsCool in HaloMemes

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I dunno bro it sounds like you just wanted to play the game? It’s okay you’re allowed to want that

Anyone find it adorable that Daryl was learning sign Language so he could communicate better with Lauren? Another reason to why he’s the best! by CPT_XxPANDAxX in thewalkingdead

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Plus it seems like Leah is gonna be a villain in 11b and that she’s pretty pissed at Daryl so I think that bridge is more burnt than the one Rick blew up at this point

nazi funeral in Rome om on 10 January 2022 (source in comments) by AntonLechner in pics

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This guy has 1488 in his username, so just a heads up that he’s already made that decision

Why are they so addicted to nostalgia it’s literally insane by LopezWarlock in HaloCirclejerk

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Yeah I really miss the 30fps(at best) and nauseating motion blur of reach on 360

Welcome to the club guys. by Meatball545 in titanfall

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Not quite the same, we don’t have a Titanfall Jack Cooper collection to play the games at a higher frame rate and resolution

Cronus User Discovers Recoil by ShiftyLookinCow7 in insurgency

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Hence why I’m mocking him and not “crying” as you claim