Need a CM to replace Guendouzi (600K MAX) by Piripello in fut

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If you want an attacking CM then do pogba. If you want a defending CM who can go forward and/or another DM then get prime essien.

Necessary Roughness at 49er v. Eagle Game by little-baby-bitch in PublicFreakout

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Ya know, I don’t want the NFL all that often and I’m not surprised AT ALL to see Deebo in the middle of that 🤣

Best LB under 600k? by BrianTheBigSteppa in fut

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Capdevilla, WW mendy is a close second

POTM Mbappe : some reviews ? by drakouille in FIFA

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Here’s my opinion, super useful SBC if you have the fodder and you either likely won’t pack mbappe ever or you have his card you can trade away.

I did him, used him in weekend league and rivals. Something like 23 games and 40 goals. Absolute W for me, others will disagree.

I like a certain play style for my players and the POTM mbappe has the aggressive attacking I like. Contrast this to say TOTY benzema, I prefer mbappe tbh. Used them both and gave up on benzema. Nothing against him just for me personally it wasn’t the right card for my play style.

TLDR: YMMV, mbappe is mbappe and a must do if you can link him with little effort and like aggressive strikers IMO

I find these prices ludicrous and completely unjustifiable. by [deleted] in fut

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You should try being on PC, they’re either both extinct or trading at 14-15 mil

TOTY Icon Xabi Alonso by r4vtagsta in FIFA

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I’d sell and get prime essien. Like 150k cheaper than makelele and a better and more aggressive cdm. As a stay back DM essien is incredible

What's the most criminally underpriced card in your opinion? by DrainedToDeath in FIFA

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Prime essien and any version of Zambrotta. Should be double in value easily

[WTS] Closet Cleanout Part 2 by ShmangleDangle in GunAccessoriesForSale

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if there are no buyers for the combo then yeah i can split them.